SMTP Hosting – 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs it

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Many Web servers are struggling with the distribution of emails. They fight to get emails from their customers safely and securely. Why? Well, because spam is a huge issue when it comes to email. Spam accounted for more than half (59.6 percent) of all email traffic in September 2017. So it is no surprise that this enters the hosting industry and makes the life of web hosting companies difficult.

An SMTP relay service can help protect your hosting company by ensuring that outbound email is delivered securely and safely; spam and phishing are protected.

Know what is SMTP servers are complicated, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re just plunging your toe into the world of how-email-gets-sent. We’ve put together a list of the most common SMTP server questions that we receive to help you navigate your email sending so you’ll be an SMTP expert in no time.

What is SMTP?

SMTP defines a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Naturally, to communicate between senders and receivers, to transmit the e-mails, one requires a server. Hence, the function of the SMTP server can be compared to a mail carrier which enable the integrity of the e-mail to its individual recipients.

An SMTP server has an address specified by the user that they can set using the mail client. If a user is on Gmail for example, the SMTP address is

Upon hitting the send button, the e-mail message becomes a code string sent to the SMTP server. The encodes that and transmits the message to the end of the receiver. Without an SMTP server the e-mail would most likely not reach its destination at all.

How does it SMTP Hosting work?

An SMTP relay service, like Mail Channels Cloud, uses sophisticated algorithms and machine learning approaches to spot spam trends from your servers and applications. often defines the individual that sends (whether it is a person, client or server). When an email traffic flow begins looking suspiciously “spammed,” MailChannels Cloud shuts it off and produces an informative alert that either a web-hook API or an email message for reading human beings is used to counter the spammer.

What is Dedicated SMTP Servers?

Email has become an integral part of today ‘s marketing, which not only brands but also establishes relationships and helps to maintain long-lasting relationships with existing customers. In this competitive marketplace which is cut-throat, any mistake can cause companies to lag behind. For this very reason, they are more concerned about their advertisement being delivered on time than ever. Businesses tend to always place their messages in the receiver ‘s inbox and not in the spam tab.

Automatic Mail Sender will be the solution for your shooting mass emails requirement. It is a efficient , cost-effective think mass e-mailer that supports any dedicated SMTP server.

The value of SMTP servers can now be seen as many mail servers, including free services such as Yahoo and Hotmail, are unwilling to accept messages from local SMTP servers. In the past, most spam messages were sent via local servers, the very obvious reason being. They now accept messages from those servers whose addresses have been identified as “Official” SMTP relays as a spam-prevention measure.

Compare SMTP Hosting

Practically everybody uses SMTP to send messages. SMTP is also a regular feature of most hosting packages. However, not all providers of web hosting are suitable for use.

The best SMTP hosts provide fair outgoing message limits, unlimited email storage, web access with a smart email client and support to customize the email client of your choosing for third parties. When you plan to use SMTP for bulk mail, please make sure that your SMTP host first runs your plans. You may Compare the SMTP Hosting servers at

Now let’s talk about

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs it

Save valuable time

A compromised IP without an outbound spam filter can cause a lot of headaches for web hosting. A MailChannels survey estimated that 25 per cent of support tickets are caused by email delivery issues. * The valuable time of your employees could probably be spent more efficiently elsewhere.

Protect your IP reputation

Leaving blacklists will harm your IP credibility greatly, jeopardizing relationships with your customers or potential customers. An SMTP relay service protects your IP credibility as it does not cause your server(s) to be loaded with spam.

SMTP relay is a guarantee

If there are issues with email distribution, it is common for legitimate emails to end up in spam folders or to be fully blocked. You can be sure with an SMTP relay that the e-mail sent goes where it should be.

It only takes one

It doesn’t take a whole compromise server to make things terrible. Just one compromise account can jeopardize your project, so it is important to get things right from the beginning.

A small price to pay

Although nobody wants to pay for a service, the monthly charge is low compared to the blacklisting, disgruntled clients and help tickets that invariably go hand in hand with the corrupted e-mail delivery.

Run by experts

It doesn’t take a whole compromise server to make things terrible. Just one compromise account can jeopardize your project, so it is important to get things right from the beginning.

Trusted technology

The SMTP relay service analyzes all emails that exit your servers, detects spam and sends a report so that the affected account can be detected and blocked. Legitimate email is generated by thousands of carefully controlled IP addresses, for which you do not have to worry because anti-spam experts are responsible.

Peace of mind

Enable your hosting company to run without worrying about blacklisting, spam, faulty email and other problems. It has been shown that 98% of IP addresses run by MailChannels are classified by Cisco SenderBase as “good” or “neutral.”

Spam is a constant

Just as email is a constant on the internet, spam is a constant. Spam should not be underestimated and stringent measures to protect your operations against possible threats should be taken.

Email is important

Nearly all we do online is through an email address. E-mail is a constant from logging into social media accounts to discovering lost or stolen passwords. Due to this, it is important to receive email delivery correctly. There is no room for errors for your customers when it comes to e-mail.

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