SuperFetch Server Host Address 100% disk use in Windows 10


After all methods have been tried, Microsoft has finally pushed most people to their latest Windows 10 OS. Windows 10 has brought a host of new features to make users more comfortable and accessible to work and life. Most new users are ready to stay on Windows 10. Nonetheless, there are certain bugs that annoy Windows 10 users.

The 100 percent disk or CPU usage “Server Host SuperFetch” is one of them. We spoke about how to address Windows 10/8 with 5 approaches, 100% disk use. In this article we will discuss and tell you how to fix this particular problem caused by Superfetch. So, please keep track of this very irritating mistake until the end of this article, which can interfere with normal operations and slow down the Windows 10 PC.

Warm tips: Make sure you periodically back up your important files.

Superfetch Server Manager in Windows 10

The SuperFetch is a Windows operating system feature that can be accessed from Windows Vista and then to the following OS updates. This component helps the operating system in Windows manage and implement various services efficiently so that the apps installed in your system can operate efficiently with no performance delay.

The SuperFetch software allows numerous 3rd-party apps and other main Windows OS components to easily access and perform various tasks. To ensure that all these tasks operate well and quickly, SuperFetch constantly reads and saves data, which is also used directly by the RAM applications to hold it on the hard disk.

Usually, the collection and storage of RAM data is much faster compared to the speed of the hard drive. With the assistance of SuperFetch, users can quickly open their most common apps.

Look at the most important ways in which SuperFetch allows users to perform at much faster processing and speeds of use.

  • Helps boot time decrease.
  • Loads can software quickly and efficiently.
  • Studies the pattern of everyday use.

You can therefore see that the SuperFetch service is important for your PC’s multitasking and other operations. Now we will talk about how the problem of high disk usage is cause and the solutions that help you get out of it.

Why does Service Host Superfetch look similar to a drive caching in 100% disk use Superfetch?

The service helps you to copy the entire memory of the commonly used file to the RAM system. This is why the programs can boot much more easily when you use them. There is, however, a major problem with this service if you are not running on enough or latest hardware to support caching. The Server Host Superfetch will in this case cause a great deal of disk use.

Superfetch error is overlooked by many people but it can sometimes be really troubling because the system responds to the maximum I / O demands provided by the System due to the high level of disk use. It then starts to clear the RAM memory and then begins copying new files recently accessed by the user.

Once the disc redesign is complete, the software delays and eliminates memory for other programs automatically and reduces disk volume effectively.

How to Fix Service Host Superfetch 100% Disk Usage in Windows 10

Although often this problem is solved on its own, it can’t be resolved, which is why you will have to stop Superfetch. Look at the different ways you can do this.

Disable Superfetch From Services

The first way you can stop the Superfetch service is by using the Services Tab.

  1. Next, press the Windows Key+ R, and then the Run search box opens.
  2. You need to type. MSC services on the search box and then press Enter to open the Services program tab.
  3. You will need to check for the Superfetch service once the Services tab has been opened.
  4. After you find the company, right click on it and pick “Properties.”
  5. In the drag-down menu “startup type,” select the DISABLED option. Tap Apply and OK then.

This is how you will disable the Superfetch services in your system from the Services tab. You can use this method to deactivate any service that causes trouble on your computer system.

From Windows Registry, close Superfetch

If you can not complete the service from your system’s services tab, you can follow this process.

  1. You first have to press the Windows Key + R and then open the Run search box.
  2. You must enter regedit in the search box and press Enter to open the Registry Editor window.
  3. You will have to scan and click on the HKEY LOCAL MACHINE folder after opening the machine registry window.
  4. Go through SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control > Session Manager > MemoryManagement > Prefetchparameters in the following way.
  5. Right-click on the PrefetchParameters right pane and then pick New > DWORD Cost.
  6. Right-click the new item and select Modify…, enter 0 as Value Information, and the Superftch service will be disabled.

Once the steps above have been done, you can click OK and then apply the settings to allow for action.

Run disk cleaning / updating and restarting

Another way to automate and uninstall your program is to free up Windows 10 and restart your machine. You can do this with the Windows Cleaner or any third-party app. Once you’ve cleared junk and cache files, you can restart the system to usually run again.

You can also check for any recent software updates Microsoft may have launched for your Windows version. If you have a system update, do so as soon as possible, and you could quickly get rid of the problem. Make sure you don’t have Windows 10 update disabled.

Here are the three very easy ways to disable the SuperFetch service effectively and to ensure that your system is running smooth and safe. All methods are effective, and you can select any of the above that you think is more convenient to perform.

Final words

Superfetch is without a doubt one of the most beneficial and essential utilities on our Windows system. Only with this service can we open regularly used applications and other important data quickly and make the overall experience faster.

Nonetheless, it is also important to note that this issue can be more than the lack of RAM memory or hardware on a regular basis. There may be an imminent problem with your system that should be thoroughly examined by professional assistance. Welcome to share your thoughts on Superfetch with us.


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