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From the inception of Bitcoin, which is the flagship cryptocurrency, there have always been two opposite camps. The naysayers have always been skeptical about whether it has been a good invention in the first place. These naysayers have been vehemently opposed to the creation of Satoshi Nakamoto, and some of them even laughed at people who purchased cryptocurrencies in those days. A decade has gone by, and many of these people have bitten their tongues. This does not mean that every individual in the world has been converted to a cryptocurrency believer. Several crypto enthusiasts have lost their faith in Bitcoins and have moved towards other cryptocurrencies like ethereum, litecoin, Cardano, Solana, Dogecoin, etc.

Against these individuals are the die-hard fans of cryptocurrencies which are always quick to point out the myriad of benefits it has brought to the table. If you do not want to belong to any of these groups, the most convenient side of this argument regarding the relevancy of Bitcoin in today’s age will be the neutral one. But, of course, if you are planning on investing in cryptocurrencies, this position will not help you. So take some time to do thorough research on your part to see which side of the argument you belong to.

Bitcoins and its tumulus journey to become popular

The journey of Bitcoins has not been smooth sailing. It does not matter how much publicity this cryptocurrency receives; there will always be a group of people skeptical of this electronic currency. However, there is truth to both sides, and listening to the arguments will let any person make a good decision regarding whether they can make money out of this cryptocurrency.

Even at its height of popularity, there was always this fear due to its volatile nature. Even if the experts of Wall Street are commenting that at least 1% of everyone’s portfolio should be composed of cryptocurrencies, many are still not convinced. For them, the vast disadvantages or cons of Bitcoins are so glaring that they cannot be ignored.

These individuals are never convinced by the several benefits that Bitcoins bring to the table. The fall of Bitcoins after the fiasco by Elon Musk has been one of the latest points of rebuttal by those who are speaking against the motion that Bitcoins are relevant even in 2021.

Listening to the arguments provided were the ones who still consider Bitcoins to be relevant.

The more than 2 billion dollars of the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies of which Bitcoins is still holding the significant share is one of the major arguments that the Bitcoin enthusiast always points out. The growing adoption of cryptocurrencies, mainly Bitcoins, by the larger market is also an excellent argument to make people understand that Bitcoin’s volatility is not a bad thing. It is precisely for these characteristics of Bitcoin that it has been so popular, and even though the prices of Bitcoins have seen a significant dip, it is steadily growing. For these individuals with all its disadvantages, Bitcoins are still considered to be relevant because they can still use their decentralized and volatile nature to manipulate the market to generate profits. As long as they can continue to make money with Bitcoins, this cryptocurrency will not lose its relevance in their eyes.


If you belong to the team that supports the viewpoint that Bitcoins have not and will not lose their relevance in the near future, it will be to your benefit to go onto unofficial trading websites like this platform. Websites like this will support your argument as you will be able to make a significant amount of money with the help of these websites, even if you are a novice bitcoin trader. Just take the time to teach yourself the nitty-gritty details about the basics of Bitcoin trading before you take your leap into this world of cryptocurrency. Then, stick to your argument and put your faith in this cryptocurrency, just like millions of others all over the globe. After all, the growing market capitalization of this cryptocurrency has some power to speak for itself.

Jennifer Thomas
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