Tips And Tricks To Maintain Privacy And Remain Safe When Play Mobile Casinos


Online mobile casinos have indeed come to stay. The statistic shows that the numbers of these casinos are increasing daily. And the increased number is just about one of the very many signs that indicate their superiority over brick and mortar casinos.

But then, we cannot ignore the fact that even brands from mobile online casino list reviewed by experts come with huge concerns. Since you play the games on the internet, one could be wary of his safety and privacy, especially for people who have heard about Edward Snowden and his claims.

Well, you cannot ignore these risks because they are real. At the same time, we must entertain ourselves, so, what is the way forward? Well, you are just about to find out. We have lined up some tips and tricks you can employ to ensure your maximum safety and privacy while you gamble online. The beauty of these tricks is that you do not have to go to the extreme or be so techy to use them.

Mask your IP Address Using a VPN.

When you surf the internet using a Virtual Private Network or VPN, the device will create another IP address for you. With this new IP address, it would seem like you are using the website from a different location.

For instance, with a VPN, I can enter an online casino from Australia and make it seem like I’m playing from the US.

Using a VPN is not challenging at all. Most of them come as browser plugins and are very user friendly. All they require from you is to pick your desired location and then start playing. The VPN provider handles the rest of the job.

However, be careful to check the list of countries where your casino can operate before selecting a county on your VPN. If, by mistake, you pick a country where the online casino is not allowed to work, you risk getting your account locked or even barred.

Use Cryptocurrencies:

Cryptocurrency is growing fast in popularity, particularly in the gambling industry. No other industry in the world has as much widespread acceptance of the coins as a payment method.

This widespread acceptance stemmed from the false belief at inception that transactions made using crypto are 100% anonymous and untraceable. Fortunately, recent trends have shown that bitcoin transactions are not so secret.

We’ve seen criminals go into jail recently after accepting crypto for their illegal trade. With that said, gambling with crypto confers you with privacy and safety and not anonymity.

What that means is, you can gamble online without leaving any messy trails for people to see. For instance, no bank or card transaction details are hanging around anywhere. That becomes very helpful in the future when you need loans for banks. Most banks would prefer not to borrow money out to people with a history of gambling. One way to prove you gamble is to check your bank statement.

Have in mind that you would still be required to provide your details at the online casino. Even with cryptocurrencies, the law in most countries would require that you identify yourself. Except you are a wanted criminal of something of that nature, identifying yourself shouldn’t be a big deal.

Be careful with Casino Apps.

First, there is nothing wrong with downloading a casino app. They come in handy and allow you to play your favourite games on the go. However, you must pay attention to the level of permission they have on your device.

Some of these apps on installation, ask you to choose the extent of what they can do on your phone. Most times, some of them include the ability to post their offers on your social media account.

For people who prefer to gamble in private, not paying attention to such permissions could be very deadly. The next time you get any of their apps, carefully go through the terms and approvals. Be sure that such terms do not compromise your safety and privacy at the same time.

If you feel the slightest concern probably about data sharing with a third party, you might as well delete the app.

Avoid Using Your Credit or Debit Cards

You might feel the idea of using cryptocurrency feels extreme. At the same time, paying directly with your card poses a lot of safety risks. There are very many payment options that can protect you, leaving out a need for cards.

One of those alternative methods of payment is the e-wallet option. The e-wallet allows you to make payments online from your bank account without exposing your card details. All you need to make payment in an online casino is your email address. Popular e-wallet options you can use include PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and so on.

Should a hacker gain access to the casino you are using, all the information they have about you is the email address. They might also see your previous transactions; however, it’s of no use.

While there would always be some level of risk even with the e-wallets, the idea is to reduce risk.

Remember to Clean up

Privacy is not about staying hidden from big companies and casinos. Sometimes it extends to your family and friends. You might want to keep your gambling activities away from some people who do not see things the way you see it. Also, if you use your computer at work, it might be vital that you stay unnoticed.

Some suggestions include deleting your gaming history after each session. This is great, but then it might be a problem if you forget to delete the history. Another option is to enter the online casino with Chrome’s incognito mood. The mood ensures that the browser does not record your history throughout. For mobile phones, the mood prevents screenshots in the web browser until you finish.

However, you should note that incognito mode does not offer you full cover. With that said, your activity on the internet can still be monitored even when using incognito.

Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer Thomas is the Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Cybers Guards. Prior to that, She was responsible for leading its Cyber Security Practice and Cyber Security Operations Center, which provided managed security services.