Too Many Unwanted Pages on Your PDF File? Delete It With The Help Of GoGoPDF

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It is not uncommon that unwanted pages on your PDF files you want to remove since they consume memory, especially if it is large in quantity. There are also cases where you only want the pages you need, and the rest does not matter, so you want to delete it. However, simply deleting it will not suffice with the PDF format with its hard-to-edit feature.

Maybe you have proceeded to take the matter online, asking for friends for advice or information on deleting it, or is there any other way to deal with it. Questions like those are common, especially when you are dealing with PDF files. There may be more challenging ways to deal with those unwanted pages, but GoGoPDF can help you with the simplest way.

Do it with GoGoPDF

If you want to know how to delete pages from PDF, GoGoPDF comes with its step-by-step process to guide the users through the whole process of deleting your unwanted pages. Altogether, it provides four easy steps to follow for the entire process and will take a second up to a few minutes with just a few clicks. Once the process is done, you can have a new PDF file on your device.

Understandably, it is tough to trust something on the internet. However, with the website’s commitment to protecting every user’s privacy and data security, it creates and implements its privacy policy. It automatically deletes all files uploaded on its server after an hour to cease or prevent unauthorized activities such as uploaded files elsewhere.

Website Tour

GoGoPDF is not only user-friendly when it comes to the process of deleting pages from your PDF. It also presents its website in a user-friendly manner that can be easily navigated by all users. Displaying the website to intimidate the users and prevent any instruction overload by limiting the words that can be seen is a significant advantage.

Upon visiting the website, the website’s toolbox’s seemingly big appearance would welcome every user with the four-step instruction guide just below the toolbox. This set-up also allows the user to quickly refer to the step without scrolling from time to time and save a lot of time, especially for beginners.

Suppose you are an expert user and have a bit of doubt about the website’s free-of-charge service. In that case, you scroll further down to see GoGoPDF’s essential features to assure you of the quality of its works and the security it provides to your PDF files while the process is ongoing.

When the user proceeds with the deletion process and everything goes well with the operation, the user can leave a star on the website to rate it whether or not it is satisfied with the procedure that just transpired.

How to Delete Those Unwanted Pages

With the website’s interior design tour done, you will now learn how to quickly and efficiently use the website’s online tool. The operation will begin once the user has decided on the PDF file to remove some page from. The user can drag and drop the selected PDF file to GoGoPDFs toolbox to start the process.

The system will then analyze the PDF file and display all the pages of the file. You can also zoom in on each page to have one final check to each page to make sure that you are deleting the right ones. After making sure, click the delete logo, or for beginners, the icon of garbage can appear just above your PDF file pages, then click Apply changes once done.

Clicking Apply changes will get you to the third stage, where you need to wait until the system finishes applying the changes you had made. Remember that the process’s duration may take a second up to a few minutes depending on the number of pages of the PDF file currently being processed.

After the third stage, the screen will show your new PDF file. You can download it on your device or to your Dropbox. Share it using the system’s generated link, send it directly through email, or use your social media accounts. With just several clicks, the system can provide you a high-quality PDF file in just a matter of minutes.


It is hard to find websites that you can fully trust, especially when data processing is involved. The risk of data loss is pretty high. GoGoPDF is one of the hundreds of websites wherein you can process your PDF file without any worries or trouble. The website will delete the unwanted pages on your PDF files without any unauthorized activities involved.

Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer Thomas is the Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Cybers Guards. Prior to that, She was responsible for leading its Cyber Security Practice and Cyber Security Operations Center, which provided managed security services.