Top 5 Best Video Editing Softwares For Beginners

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Are you looking for software for video editing? Don’t worry! I got your back. The new edition of Best Video Editing Software 2017 is available in this article. In this post, I will share PC video editing software that is one of the best tools for learning how to edit videos easily. The creation and arranging of video files is video editing. So here, you can get the top 5 best video editing software for beginners that you can use to edit videos for work.

Making videos as memories have, in recent decades, been a favorite activity for people all over the world. When first cameras were available, and now, in the 21st century, video capturing was also possible on mobiles, which is why it is so commonly accessible. People with their videos have been very artistic when the pictures have pressed. Web pages such as YouTube for video sharing have also promoted the need to edit the videos before posting them correctly. People also want to post beautifully shot videos on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

And now, because of their use, video editing software is essential for part of our life. These video softwares can be used for different purposes. Like it can be used to make videos, guides and prepare recipes, etc. This advanced software for video editing works on various platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. You can also use such Video Editing Tools online after purchasing a license.

Top 5 Best Video Editing Software For Beginners

Most people look for Youtube video editing software like the AVS video editor regularly. And I’ll share the top five list of beginners’ video editing apps. You can also access advanced tools for video editing, but you’ll need a license key later. And it’s better to purchase the paid edition on their official websites.

I have seen several websites post hundreds of listings to show the latest tools for video editing, but our job is different. cybersguards provides you with Windows 7 ‘s five best video editing tools. Not the usual waste you find on other pages. Most video editing software are also available today. Let us look at some of the top:

1.Cyberlink PowerDirector 15

The PowerDirector Software from Cyberlink is now one of the best available. The impressive list of advanced features that you can understand and use is very clear and simple. Beginners and professionals can use it effectively. This version also includes vertical videos and photo editing of 360 degrees. Also, 4k videos are well treated. The variations from $59.99 to $99.99 are available. We do have a 30-day trial before we agree to buy it. To beginners, the Express Projects feature is perfect.

The UI of this software is simple and clear, easy, and essential, even for many features and options. The editing interface conventionally maintains most of them. We offer four mode options: editing, recording, processing, and constructing disk. We can quickly repair lighting, color, and stability. The trimming tool has exact control over a single object. There are also other camera action devices and motion tracking. Up to 100 multi-cam tracks can be accessed using PowerDirector. Overall this is excellent software to buy.


This is a well-known app used to render full-length movies in it. It will not be easy to master this powerful video editor, but the time it takes will be worth it. It still runs on modest PC hardware despite the specifications. The free version is as high as the professional version. And if the user interface of this software varies from the standard, you can rearrange it to your needs.

The latest v14.0 is the best of its kind; it is quick to edit and trim timeline; it is ready to use video and audio FX in real-time. Each variation is correctly edited from YouTube to 4k. However, this program lacks the ability to render disk authoring tools and closed captions. It is a very lightweight software with only 200 MB of disk space, 2 GB of RAM, and 3 GB of space available to run the program efficiently.


This software is known to people for editing their videos on the YouTube website. This is good for editing 480p videos for posting social media up to 4k. This has a free version and a completely paid version. The necessary software does not provide multi-cam editing or motion tracking. It provides a camera video capture, video stabilization, and various file formats. It also has the video editing drag-and-drop.

You can also add your music for customized soundtracks, in addition to the one-click recording of your own stories. There is also a large library of sound effects. The visual and transformation effects are over 50 outstanding. As planned, it’s easy to export to social networks and Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. You can also burn to DVD and view the video on the TV. Overall, the free version is the most popular video editor among people.

4.Corel VideoStudio

This software is the only Corel Windows system that has a very robust feature set. It supports a wide library of royalty-free music, 360-degree VR. The ‘Checkmarks’ feature is a helpful tool that lets you know the clips you have already used and which effects can be added to all clips to your timeline right now. There is also a voice detection function which allows you to match speech with video clips’ subtitles.

This VideoStudio program runs on Windows 7 to 10 and is recommended for 64-bit versions. The Pro version is $79.99, and the Ultimate is $99.99. The advanced features help multi-monitor, enable title, and stop motion animation. The storyboard mode allows us to get the exact vision without wasting time on it. The UI of this software can be interpreted and used very quickly. In the multi-trim video device, you can see many points in and out. And on the timeline, you can group and ungroup clips. You will surely try this software.

5.Hitfilm Express

It’s one of the most versatile free video editors available. Works like genuine professional-grade software. This software ‘s online tutorials make it easy to use. This can be found on both Mac and Windows. In addition to choosing 2D and 3D composition methods, you can work with special effects, filters. This software is also useful for vloggers, apart from the public on YouTube.

This app provides a wide range of features for green-screen effects, layers and masking, advanced cutting tools, design tools, etc. Because this program is free of charge, you can purchase add-ons that make editing tasks more professional. The UI has a central pool and a schedule to organize the content. Some of the devices, such as high-quality animations, are simply not accessible elsewhere. Overall, because it’s safe, try it.


There are several free video editing software, from the very simple and easy to the most advanced and expensive. But it’s you who have to identify your specifications and goals and select the program wisely. Do not go for a free professional, but paid software. The benefit of Paid Version Software is that you get a complete version of the software.

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