Stay Protected: Top 7 Cybersecurity Tips for Photographers in 2022!


Instead of data security, you must know that a photographer’s skills lie in clicking great memories? Indeed! Hence, it’s significant that they ponder securing their devices, watching over the security of their data sovereignty or cloud provider. Here could happen the most data breaches! Cyber-attacks have become more sophisticated, and photographers have to reinforce their security and have a certain awareness of the threats.

Moreover, cybersecurity and PC data protection from phishing or malware influence our daily lives. Opting for the appropriate visuals could be key in interacting and setting up a digital trust if you’re doing commercial photography. 

As per 2019’s report, the customer searches on Getty images for cybersecurity climbed up by 132%. So, whether it’s normal wedding photography or a commercial one, cybersecurity is highly recommended to stay safe! Before proceeding with the cybersecurity tips, let’s discuss the types of attacks photographers can face. Let’s get started!

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 Top cyberattacks that photographers may face 

  • Waterholing

It’s where fake websites are formed to deceive you into purchasing from the photographers or providing information. It could include authentic sites that are compromised or URLs that are different from the original businesses. When you see the massive discounts, which are too good to be true, you can avoid using those sites. 

  • Phishing

It’s the most vulnerable attack that a photographer can face. The perpetrators use this to eliminate better-educated people and pounce on easier targets. The FBI estimated that phishing could cost businesses $12.5 billion more than 5 years. However, the most ordinary phishing attacks include: 

  • Banks and credit card providers.
  • Emails from people providing website hosts.
  • SEO services providers.

Top Cybersecurity tips for the photographers in 2022

Top Cybersecurity tips for the photographers
Top Cybersecurity tips for the photographers

Security is as powerful as the feeble link, which can be intimidating to ponder all the probable threats you might be powerless. If you’re a high-end photographer, you can perform a technical cybersecurity audit and afford profound security controls since they charge countless pounds per shoot and have to safeguard their global stature. 

Apart from the cybersecurity tips for photographers, you shouldn’t forget to use an automatic photo editor to sharpen your photo. However, do you know what technical security measures you can anticipate from a one-man-band or small photographer? Below are the top cybersecurity tips for the photographers to stay protected in 2022! 

  • USB security

The photographer needs to buy fully encrypted, not the encrypt as you fill out sticks to stay safe from cyberattacks. Also, you can purchase FIPS 140-2 hardware-encrypted USB sticks having a physical PIN pad for optimum security. After buying a robust USB stick, and using it to edit on purpose, the best photo editing tools for pc will help you make your pictures sharper. 

  • Use tough passwords

Always avoid setting easier passwords on your accounts, PC, and other equipment. Also, without using 5 letters, those need to be 6-8 words for better protection from invading. Never forget to use a password locker to safeguard your passwords.

  • Have an isolated email address

Having another email ID is essential for logging into the accounts, such as your website provider, online photo cloud storage, or your bank. It’s highly recommended to use an Outlook, Gmail, or similar reputable email ID and not that one linked with your URL. Those can be accessible if your website is compromised somehow.

  • Purchase from reputed websites

If you need to buy good photo editing software for editing purposes, reputed websites like Skylum will help you get the best solution. Moreover, while buying other accessories for your photography, check reviews of the websites and ask for recommendations in photography forums. If those are the reputed websites, a padlock will pop up in the browser’s address bar. 

  • Use two-factor authentication

Using two-factor authentication offers additional security and will allow you to know when someone wants to log in to an account. Has someone tried to access your account? Change your password to a better-security one! Using the best photo editing software for editing your images is the best way to get sharp images as it has 2FA included. 

  • Beyond antivirus

The photographers are needed to use an excellent quality suite, which offers more than the elementary things provided by free software. Not all security packages are similar; you can obtain Bitdefender and Norton’s best security and reputation. These antivirus programs have much more than signature detection. This is how you can protect yourself from malicious cyberattacks. 

  • Cloud security

You must not sign up/log in with your publicly-available email ID. Instead of choosing an ordinary provider, pick a provider without knowing and preserve data in a country with stunning privacy laws, such as 2FA. If you use free photo editing software applications, only store the pictures in clouds. 


Apart from all these tips, you can stay wary of phishing and spear phishing attempts, never use open Wi-Fi, and always check privacy settings on social media. Also, the photographers make sure their phone, PC, software, and best free photo editing tools for pc remain upgraded to their best versions. Lastly, don’t forget to encrypt images as you put them onto your PC.

Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer Thomas is the Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Cybers Guards. Prior to that, She was responsible for leading its Cyber Security Practice and Cyber Security Operations Center, which provided managed security services.