What Are PopSockets?

What Are PopSockets
What Are PopSockets

It’s basically a flat phone (or case) with a plastic circle on the back that you attach with sticky adhesive to create a PopSocket. You can extend the PopSocket into a small accordion-like shape by pulling or “popping” it out twice more. The PopSocket will allow you to slip your fingers in between your phone and the end of it, resulting in a more comfortable and secure grip.

Are PopSockets able to be reused?

Don’t be concerned if the idea of having a slight bulge on the back of your phone all the time bothers you. PopSockets are simple to remove, reinstall, and reposition at any point in the future.

Notice that PopSockets are divided into two parts: the base (which is the adhesive disc) and the PopTop (which is the plastic cap) (the design portion). While you can easily remove the PopTop portion of the device if you become dissatisfied with its appearance, removing the base is a little more difficult.

Remove the PopSocket from the case by flattening it first, then peeling it up slowly from the case to completely remove the base. To remove the PopSocket if you are having trouble, slide dental floss or a credit card underneath the platform to lift and separate the adhesive.

Always keep in mind that the adhesive gel may become brittle over time. If it appears to be dry, simply rinse it with warm water and allow it to dry naturally. Make sure it doesn’t dry for more than 10 minutes before moving on.

What is the purpose of using a PopSocket?

Even though you might think that PopSockets are only useful for one thing, they are actually useful for many things. So, what is the purpose of PopSockets? In general, they make it much easier to carry out simple tasks with your smartphone than it was previously. The following tips and tricks will assist you in becoming more comfortable with using a PopSocket.

1. Get a Better Grip on Things

Essentially, a PopSocket serves as an additional grip, which is particularly useful for larger smartphones. If you drop your phone frequently or find it difficult to hold a large phone comfortably, a PopSocket is the solution for you.

It’s simple to hold your phone one-handedly with a PopSocket – no matter how large your phone is! Simply slip two fingers onto the phone’s grip and you’ll find that you can hold your phone comfortably without worrying about it falling. You’ll also have quicker access to your phone this way, which means you’ll always be prepared to snap a photo when the opportunity arises.

2. Take a series of picture-perfect self-portraits

Additionally, the PopSocket is excellent for taking selfies because it provides a much better grip on your device than a standard case.

What is the reason for this? The PopSocket makes it easier to hold your phone with one hand while still being able to reach the shutter button with one smooth motion. The sturdy grip eliminates the need to fumble around in search of the most flattering shot, and the increased angle freedom allows you to capture more natural-looking images.

3. Use it as a phone stand to keep your phone upright.

It’s not a problem to use the PopSocket to prop up your smartphone or tablet while watching videos or playing video games. PopSockets as a stand work best when two or more of them are attached to your phone or tablet (especially the latter), but a single one can be used as a stand as well.

Simply pop the PopSocket out twice and lean your device in landscape orientation to use one PopSocket. In order for this to work, the PopSocket must be centred on your phone—otherwise, it will simply fall over.

For larger devices, such as your tablet, it is best to use two PopSockets, one at the top and one at the bottom, both placed slightly off-center. This way, you can easily prop up your tablet on a table or other surface.

Although it is not necessary, if you are video chatting with someone, it is recommended that you prop your phone in a vertical position. You can accomplish the same thing with a PopSocket as well; simply position the PopSocket towards the base of your phone and pop it out; the PopSocket will function as a convenient stand.

Also available is the PopSockets Multi-Purpose Mount, which allows you to hang your PopSocket on any vertical surface. In addition, if you’re looking for a phone holder for your car, the PopSockets Car Mount for your vent, dashboard, or windshield is an excellent choice.

How to Take Care of Your Wired Earbuds?

Not everyone prefers to use Bluetooth headphones; you may still prefer to use the headphone jack on your phone if you have one. However, tangled messes are inevitable when using wired earbuds. PopSockets, on the other hand, eliminate this vexing problem.

Attach one PopSocket to the top of your phone and another to the bottom of your phone to accomplish this. It is possible to use this setup to wrap your wired earbuds around the PopSockets when they are not in use, resulting in tangle-free cord storage when they are. The fact that it appears silly is that it is much easier than having to untangle those earbuds every time you take them out of your pocket..

5. Make Your PopSocket Exactly What You Want It to Be

The PopSocket website is the only place where you can design your own custom PopSocket. You can use this page to upload images from your device or to import content from your Instagram account. Selecting the colours for the base and accordion portion of the grip is then a matter of personal preference.

It’s possible you’re wondering, “How much do PopSockets cost when they’re customised?” Custom PopSockets are available for purchase starting at $15. It’s reasonably priced, and it adds a unique touch of personality to your device that’s difficult to replicate.

Are PopSockets a Good Investment?

While PopSockets may appear to be a bit of a joke at first glance, there are a variety of creative applications for them. It takes some time to get used to your phone’s PopSocket, but after a while, it becomes an indispensable part of your mobile device. You’ll find it difficult to go back to using a phone or tablet if you don’t have one.

Even better, once you have a PopSocket and its accompanying car mount, you will be able to easily mount your phone to your vehicle. The grip becomes even more convenient as a result of this.

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