What Does AI Spell for the Future of the Online Casino Industry?

Artificial Intelligence

Even before the very first computers capable of machine learning were a reality, speculation about what they could mean for society became rife. On one hand, the theory abounded that what lay ahead was a dystopian future in which the machines would take over. On the other, it would mean millions of people released from tedious and repetitive labor and able to enjoy greater freedom and leisure.

Now that the future has well and truly arrived, the consequence isn’t quite as clear-cut as either of these scenarios would suggest even though, as reported by oracle.com, 78% of companies asked stated that they plan to use AI by the end of 2020.

One industry that has much to gain from using AI is the burgeoning field of online casinos. In the two or so decades that they have existed, the leading operators have actively embraced all technological advances and are set to do the same with AI.

Its applications for the casinos are multiple but one of the most important is providing an individual and bespoke experience for its players. So, by using a combination of AI and data analysis, the aim will be to respond to information about the sorts of games that a particular player enjoys and their style of play in order to adapt and adjust the individual offering. So, for example, much like online streaming services suggest content that viewers may like based on their viewing history, players can be guided to other games that they might enjoy.

Similarly, as anyone who has ever visited a comparison will know, different casinos offer different welcome bonuses to attract new players and encourage loyalty amongst existing ones. Where not already employed, the use of AI could make it possible to refine the bonuses on offer to appeal even further to individual tastes and preferences. So players with a penchant for slots may find the emphasis on free spins while table-game fans might receive free stake money instead.

Casino Games

The games themselves are also set to become more sophisticated and adaptive thanks to AI. This means that even when playing against computer programs, it will be possible to make it a more realistic experience with shifting strategies and reactions. There has already been the example of how the Libratus poker-playing computer managed to overcome human opposition in achieving what wired.com described as,”(a) rather unsettling proposition: a machine that can out-bluff a human.

Another area in which AI is set to transform the online casino landscape is in the area of customer service. Increasingly sophisticated chatbots are now being used to field questions and inquiries which, in the 24/7 world of online casinos, can come at any time. Not only can they provide very accurate responses, but the language they use can also be adapted to the individual inquirer.

In terms of the application of AI for online casinos, these examples are just the tip of the iceberg and it’s certain to touch almost every area of their operations in the fullness of time – which is set to be good news not just for the players but for the overall efficiency of the casino operators too.

Image credit: “Artificial Intelligence – Resembling Hum” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by deepakiqlect

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.