What Is the Most Realistic Text to Speech?

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The amount of text to speech platforms available on the internet today can be daunting and hard to trust. With most of them promising juicy offers and results that seem almost impossible a few years back. Thanks to the recent technological developments, it is difficult to determine which of them is most realistic.

The good news is that you can use a few metrics to determine the most realistic one with the capability to deliver the results you need.

Imagine having to read that lengthy memo before the meeting starts while you also must get prepared. To avoid reading that lengthy text can seem stressful, while you have other important tasks to execute.

Having a reliable software that converts them into an audio version will be a massive game-changer. Simply input your text to the text to speech software and watch as the conversion occurs.

Easy Conversion Procedure

Without confusing you any further, not all text converter software is really as much as they promise. You have a little research to do to avoid having a bad experience after putting in the time to convert your text.

On some software, you only need to copy your text, paste it in the appropriate section, and initiate the conversion procedure. Although, the number of the texts accepted might vary depending on the version you choose.

Whereas some software will require you to upload the whole text file or pdf for complete conversion of the texts. This method is highly suitable for larger texts and heavy files that can’t be pasted into the system at once. Though this option is not readily available on all software, it seems to be a viable option due to its stress-free process.

Availability of Human Voices

Are you converting that big chunks of texts because you want to play it to your audience as a presentation or for other essential purposes? Then you will be very concerned about this section. Selecting human voices to read your texts is unavailable on some software; instead, you might be provided with robotic voices with limited versions and conditions.

This option does not clearly meet the standards of your requirement. Normally, you should have the opportunity to select from 50 – 60 human voices for your conversion project. The selection that should further be distinguished by gender, accent, and possibly background. If these options are not available, you should know it is not the best for your needs.

Downloading Capacity

Even after discovering a text to speech software with the features mentioned above, there’s also a need to guarantee that you can download and use the converted text successfully. Some free software will not allow you to download your audio file, allowing you to listen to it on their platform alone. The best choice is to have your audio output in a widely accepted version across all devices – mp3 format.

With your output in an mp3 format, you can easily download and play it without any hassle. Some platforms will require you to choose a subscription package before downloading the audio file in an mp3 format. Confirming all these factors can help you to determine if the platform you found is realistic or not.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.