What Systems are Casino Sites Using to Protect Data?

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Security has become a paramount feature of all our online activities. Whether it is as simple as playing a game or paying a bill, we all want to know that our personal and financial information will be safe. The sophistication of security software can influence our decision to place our faith in one particular company or another. If we know that our personal and financial details are secure, it gives us the confidence to use payment systems repeatedly, making transactions online a simple process for all involved.

Online betting sites take their security seriously, and it is the feather in the cap of the leading brands to promote the strength of their encryption software, along with other key methods of protection. A secure and licensed affiliate site like CasinoSmash details all the best operators in the casino industry that pride themselves on protecting their customers’ data, by using the latest technology available. We’ll now detail the best methods of security offered by these casino sites that ensure that they are the leaders in the market.

Two-Step Verification

In the past, a strength-tested password would have been enough to ensure the security of your data online. However, in recent years, this method has proven to have had breaches, pressing the need for another step in protecting personal and financial information.

The two-step verification process has enabled your account to be paired with a second device when logging in or depositing funds. You can use your mobile number to confirm your identity or account via a text. Alternatively, you can use your email address to complete the verification process.

Companies such as Facebook have also employed this technology, while banking apps have taken this to the next step by requiring two-step verification before making a purchase online. Gambling sites will certainly look at this system in the future for online deposits.


Once upon a time, you would have seen biometric technology in a movie such as Mission Impossible, where fingerprint and retina scanning was required to access sensitive information regarding national security. Nowadays, you use biometric technology every time you open your phone if you have an iPhone. The system has been successfully adapted for logging into your apps and for payments, ensuring that you don’t need to take out a credit or debit card for simple purchases.

To protect your accounts and your data, biometric technology is a vital tool for online companies as your fingerprint is unique to you. Therefore, only you can control who enters the app. The software has not reached all forms of online transactions, notably for desktop devices. However, what seemed the distant future only 25 years ago is now a reality for the majority of users of mobile devices.

Online gambling sites are always reviewing their security protocols and are looking to remain one step ahead when it comes to protecting their customers. Security is a paramount attribute for betting sites and without that element of trust, their reputation will suffer. Therefore, it is important that their systems are impregnable.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.