Why Students Should Have a Website?

constant personal development

Students life is hectic and full of exciting adventures. Chilling out with classmates, wild parties, workouts, attempts to build a serious relationship, and never-ending favors, “Please, help me with my math homework” make us forget that these best years of your life aim to land you a good job. Nowadays, when the job search is entirely online and quite competitive, you should keep in touch with the virtual world every time and make it easier for HR managers to stand you out among other candidates. If you still hesitate to start your own site, we have collected even more reasons to have a website to convince you completely.

You Can Do What You Love

Do you have something to say to society? You can write a blog, publish a call to action, provide your audience with practical guides, and even raise money for charity. Your website is one of the ways to express yourself and enjoy the things you like doing. Isn’t it great? Especially while not everybody has this chance. Bringing your theoretical or practical knowledge to the broad-based audience makes sense. People worldwide got used to googling “How to…” thousands of times every day. If your website takes a high position in search, you will notice how you create a community of like-minded people.

Possibility to Make Money

Students are dreaming of earning money without effort. Having a personal website, making easy money has become a real thing. How to do it?

  1. You can make some money each time visitors click on ads on your website. Where to get the ads? You can encourage participation from different companies, for example, placing the hashtag “do my math homework for money” you will get some profit from the academic writing services.
  2. Retailers can post their content on your website for money or get ads free of cost in exchange for reviews of products or services.
  3. Members’ content. Create a paid area for subscribers or sell downloads of high-quality content (ebooks, educational materials, audios, and videos, etc.)
  4. Affiliate marketing. It’s one of the credible ways to have long-term and low-effort and stable income. If you are good at building partnerships, and affiliated activity is a good option for you. Refer to your partner’s products or services on your site, and get a commission from your readers.
  5. Sell your own goods or services. If you don’t mind creating handmade things (toys, key chains, jewels, postcards) or providing any services (tutoring, writing college papers, fitness tips, etc.), use your website to set up your own small business.

Most students who started running their websites during college studies, keep doing it successfully after graduation, creating more and more websites on various interests.

Constant Personal Development

At the early stage, you might find running your website challenging as you may have not enough knowledge to do everything right. You will spend a lot of time googling for necessary information and apply everything you have learned in practice. Over time, your website will become your pet project, and you start devoting your free time to make it better and more profitable. Thus, you get more skills in different areas. Recruiters looking for reliable and responsible candidates for certain positions might evaluate such a contribution to your personal growth. As a result, your site could become a virtual work agent for you.

Asking yourself the same questions, “Should I make a website?” again and again, think about how your life might change, going over possible situations from your point of view. Be sure you will find more advantages than you think. You just need some spare time and a strong desire.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.