Windows 12 Launch and Release Date Leaks

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As we know, a computer is a hardware and software mix! The computer hardware includes a keyboard, a display, a processor, etc. The program is made of the operating system, which helps users to provide the computer with commands. You can’t use the computer’s hardware without an operating system!

One of the largest operating systems in the world is the Microsoft-developed Windows operating system. The original version of this program was released in 1985 and has been introduced with all the latest features since then!

Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system. This operating system has created some major changes in the operating system environment. After launching Windows 10, Microsoft has announced that it will not release any new operating systems! But somehow, Windows 7 remains Microsoft’s most used OS in most of the world’s workplace.

Microsoft is set to release the revised Windows 10 version, which is called Windows 12, rather than Windows 11. So we’re here with all the details you need to know about Windows 12!

Expected Windows 12  features

  1. The all-new operating system will have its own set of hardware requirements and will be compliant with the system of virtual reality.
  2. Windows 12 is entirely different from previous style trends. But you’re going to get around quickly.
  3. The users can also choose between the start-up menu and the homepage.
  4. Most people use software from third parties like Bandicam, Camtasia, etc. Users will be provided with an built-in screen recorder with the launch of Windows 12!
  5. People expect an built-in, high-efficiency antivirus to protect their computers from external threats.
  6. One of the latest features to be introduced is the transparency of Aero glass!
  7. In addition to the newest Windows 12 Update, consumers can expect a range of exciting new features designed specifically for this operating system.
  8. RAM use and an easy way to change Windows 12 settings are taken care of.

When is it going to be released for Windows 12?

The precise release date has not been confirmed yet. However, in January 2020, you can expect Windows 12. The exact date is only in the hands of the official team of Microsoft!

“Previously, Windows 12 questions were asked. You should find them if you look. The short answer is that Microsoft has said Windows 10 is the last and it will continue to be updated. In other words, no 11 or 12 “windows–Quora

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All you need to know about Windows 12 Beta, Compatibility and Release Date 2020 and all the new features you’ll get to bring with it!

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