15 Funniest Subreddits You Should Check Out For Laughs

15 Funniest Subreddits You Should Check Out For Laughs
15 Funniest Subreddits You Should Check Out For Laughs

You can find everything from obscure hobby groups to political pages on Reddit, which is where you should go for content. Laughter, on the other hand, is what you’ll find the most. You may find hundreds of amusing subreddits to make you laugh and brighten your day.

These 15 subreddits are among the most amusing on the entire site. Sit back and enjoy a hearty dose of schadenfreude while laughing at cute animals and other people’s mishaps. To discover the best of the best, sort by the most popular postings of all time.


r/Funny is Reddit’s home for all things funny. It is, however, one of the largest subreddits on the site, which means it captures a wide range of humour. You won’t like everything you see there, but you will like something.


Instead of being funny, members on r/AskReddit ask questions that others can answer. As a result, threads with thousands of comments emerge, many of which contain amusing stories worth reading. To locate questions that interest you, simply type “funny” into the Reddit search bar. “What jokes are so stupid that they’re genuinely funny?” we suggest.


Do you want to have a good chuckle at someone else’s expense? If you’re looking for some seriously sick burns, r/RoastMe is the place to go. People cause it by posting photos of themselves holding a piece of paper with the words “Roast Me” on it, along with the date and their Reddit handle. It’s incredible how fantastic some of the comments can be, and it’s pretty amusing to read them.


r/HoldMyBeer is a subreddit dedicated to people who take stupid, alcohol-fueled risks. It’s a little like America’s Funniest Videos if it exclusively featured fraternity antics. Don’t worry, there’s no blood or death in this film; it’s just a bunch of nonsense that usually doesn’t end well for those involved.


Have you had a particularly trying day? If that’s the case, r/Aww is the place for you. It’s a collection of adorable animal and baby photographs, many of which are doing something amusing. It’s a simple matter of looking for a good-natured laugh. Who doesn’t like to watch a video of a huge dog wearing a backpack and enjoying the wind in his hair?


Isn’t it true that everyone enjoys watching cat videos? They are the foundation of the internet. Considerably though you feel horrible for your feline pals, videos of scared cats are even funny. r/StartledCats is a hilarious subreddit comprised of videos showing cats responding to unexpected movements or ordinary human activities that they don’t fully comprehend.


Everyone has sent a bad message at some point in their lives, but r/CringePics is a compilation of the worst messages and social media posts ever sent. Its slogan is correct: they are painful to look at, but you will laugh out of pity.


Do you have a friend who thinks they can solve any problem without the help of a professional? Is it ever successful for them? People undertaking projects that they definitely should have paid for have resulted in r/DiWHY.


Some people in the world transmit laughter wherever they go, and some things will make you smile regardless of what you’re doing. One of these is a giggling baby. r/ContagiousLaughter is a collection of people whose laughter makes other people laugh, as well as videos that make you grin.


If you enjoy classic comedy, r/jokes is the place to be. It’s possible to have a nice laugh just by reading some of the finest jokes on the Internet. Every day, new jokes are added, so you can always come back for more.


The kind of jokes that make you groan and then chuckle are what dads are known for. The funniest dad jokes on the internet can be found on r/DadJokes. Save a couple of your favourites to annoy your pals by dropping them into discussions.

r/Instant regret

r/instant regret is the humorous subreddit for you if you enjoy seeing individuals make poor judgments only to have the consequences of their actions catch up with them moments later. You may observe the build-up to the action as well as the moments thereafter when the participants begin to doubt what they previously believed.


Have you ever tried to convey a complex technological notion to someone who remembers the days when phones had rotary dials? People working on the front lines of tech support offices contribute stories to r/TalesFromTechSupport, which are frequently humorous and always interesting.


You’d be correct if you ever thought, “Gee, hotel front desk clerks must see a lot of hilarious stuff.” r/TalesFromTheFrontDesk is a compilation of first-hand anecdotes of some of the craziest conduct front desk employees have ever witnessed.


Individuals on a power trip will sometimes demand that you do something a certain way, and they will ask in the rudest manner possible. It’s all about complying with exactly what someone says in the most unexpected way possible on r/MaliciousCompliance.

Check out one of these 19 subreddits if you’re having a rough day or just want a quick laugh during a break from work. They have some of the funniest content on Reddit and are guaranteed to make you laugh.

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