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Bingo halls are full of many things to the brim, but 3 make a specific impression; the players; the prizes and the amount of fun everyone has around gossiping and joking. Sounds well known, right?

The game of numbers is famously social, based around communicating with neighbours, meeting friends for a game and chatting away as the bingo caller gets busy calling the numbers and whipping the crowd up. The online world is often felt to boast more of the fun elements of bingo, but a lot less of the community vibe. With the advent of bingo chat games, there have been steps to combat that.

Getting a Best Bingo Jokes or story can help you break the ice and make conversation simple when you play bingo games and use an online bingo chat, or maybe you just want to sit back and have a good old Bingo themed chuckle. Both directions. Fortunately for you, our team is a funny bunch and has to share a few delicious and some very uncouth jokes and anecdotes.

Best Bingo Jokes 

When it comes to bingo, there is all kinds of lingo and slang that make up the game. Some of this is actually a joke, or at least started in that way. There are other jokes too, some about the bingo calls list, some about the game, and some about the people who are playing. For the most part they are good-spirited, and here are some of the best for you to enjoy. 

The Calls

In 90 ball bingo, every single number will have its own call associated with it. This is done so that everyone knows which call has come up, and these calls are jokes in their own right on many cases. Some are clearly jokes, and others need a little more thinking about. Some of them include:

    • 65 – old age pension
    • 37 – more than 11
    • 80 – Ghandi’s breakfast (it’s eight zero, or, in other words, ate nothing)
    • 88 – two fat ladies
    • 89 – nearly there
    • 40 – life begins 

These might not be laugh out loud funny, but they are quirky and interesting, and they do offer an insight in the bingo that you might not have had before. 

The Players

Much more obvious jokes will come at the ‘expense’ of the players, even though for the most part they are only gently teasing rather than being outright mean and again, this shows the spirit of the game in general. Some examples of jokes are: 

Q: How do you make a granny swear?

A: Make another granny yell bingo! 

A man is hit by a bus and has one dying wish; he wants to be blessed by a vicar. Although there are no clergymen in the crowd, someone does step forward. It’s an old man who says he can help. “I live right behind the church hall,” he says, “And I hear the services every week. I think I can remember enough to bless this man.” So he kneels down and begins; “Two fat ladies, 88. Legs eleven. 89 nearly there…” 

One day it was decided that there should be a bingo night just for blondes as it would be fairer and allow them to win more. The game proceeded, but no one shouted out at all. It went on for hours like this with no one winning. In the end, the call had to find out what the problem was, as this was just impossible. “What is everyone waiting for?” he asked. The blondes all called out; “Blank space!” 

There are 10 commandments of bingo. They are:

    1. Thou shalt not steal a lucky seat
    2. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s card
    3. Thou shalt not take the caller’s name in vain
    4. Thou shalt not call bingo falsely
    5. Thou shalt not hope someone else loses
    6. Thou shalt not make threats against the caller
    7. Thou shalt not steal money to play bingo
    8. Thou shalt not complain when you lose
    9. Thou shalt not bran when you win
    10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wins
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