Different ways tech plays a key role in securing igaming platforms

Data Security

The tremendous growth witnessed by the gaming and online casino industry is well evident in the revenue figures reported by them in the world’s prominent economies. United States, United Kingdom, and some other European countries are leading the pack today.

There’s no denying the fact that it’s the technological innovations that have led to this sudden explosion of the iGaming sector over the past few years. Today, gamers can indulge in the best online casino games from anywhere they like, at any time of the day/night. There are top-rated platforms like JackpotCity online casino and others which are making things possible and are successfully ushering in the next era of online gambling.

Other than further increasing the popularity of casino games like slots roulette etc., new-age technologies have also improved the quality and safety of the gaming experience, offering players highly secure environments wherein they can share their bank details and other crucial information in a worry-free manner. Let’s tell you about 3 such ways in which tech is playing a key role in securing online gambling platforms today.

SSL Encryption

SSL is the acronym for Secure Sockets Layer, a technology used by online casinos for protecting confidential user data against phishing attempts. Players share a lot of sensitive information, such as their credit card details, addresses, phone numbers, bank details, etc., while registering at these online casinos. It’s the SSL encryption technology that keeps all this information safe.

iGaming and Sportsbooks Lead the Way in Online Security

These online casinos are also required to employ such high-security protocols as per law, in order to legally continue their operations. However, some operators opt for TLS (Transport Layer Security) instead of SSL encryption, something that’s not as good as the latter, but is nevertheless better than an unencrypted network.

With SSL, the player data is locked in the form of different pieces of codes that can’t be broken into easily. Hence, the information stays 100% safe whenever it’s passed on to/from the servers over the Internet. Here’s more on why an SSL certificate is important for any business website today.

Financial security

All modern-day online casinos accept digital payments through debit cards, credit cards, wire transfers, e-wallets, and even cryptocurrencies nowadays. Regardless of the payment method used, the servers make sure that the pertinent details stay secure from any type of unauthorized access.

Strictest security and verification protocols are employed by the financial institutions to prevent any fraud. Authentication emails and one-time passwords are good examples of a few such measures. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies provide truly anonymous and safe transactions.


Random Number Generators are basically computer programs that make sure that the outcome of a casino game is completely fair, transparent, and random for every player. These have the seed number algorithm at their core, which is basically a predefined mathematical formula for the calculation of results based on odds. Several online casinos get their RNGs authenticated by third-party services, proving the transparency and fairness of their games.

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Regardless of the measures taken by the casino platform, the onus is on the gamer to sign up with only platforms that can be trusted in every aspect.

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