3 Ways to Monitor the Number of a Cell Phone Location


There are many reasons why you want a cell phone location to be monitored. Besides knowing where it is, tracking can lead to its location when it is lost particularly remotely. You may also want to track your children’s or employee’s phones.

All these reasons are always looking for one reply. A cellphone app that can track it secretly, remotely and in various ways. One is the GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile telephone. Having an app or service that does both is a major advantage.

If you’ve found other ideas that bear no fruit, don’t worry, we’ve gone through that too. The only difference is that we now have three cellular phone numbers that you can use to call.

Part 1: Cell phone location monitoring with Spyic by number

The Spyic monitoring solution is one of the recommended applications. Millions of parents and employers in over 190 have already used it to track cell phones.

What most people like about it is that it contains more information than the exact location of the phone. The call log, browsing history, social media reports and the SIM card location of the telephone will be revealed.

So you can use it to say where the telephone uses the code. The way Spyic monitors in stealth mode culminated in news outlets including CNET. If you have an Android or iOS phone, know that Spyic works in both ways.

Regardless of the OS, before using this application, you don’t need to root or jailbreak anything. This makes it one of the best resources on the market to track. To monitor your Android phone number, you must download Spyic once on your mobile.

No download or installation is mandatory for iOS. Make sure that the two-step search on the telephone is disabled and that you have iCloud credentials. You can then set up the account and begin tracking remotely.

Upon installation and setup, you can display the data on any computer as the panel is web-based. It is compatible with all browsers and despite the distance will collect information from the phone.
To use Spyic correctly when monitoring the number of a cell phone, here are the instructions.

1.1 Cell phone location tracking steps by number using spyic

Choose the OS that you want to control, depending on your computer. It’s Apple or Android either.

    • You will be taken to a price plan page. Select the most suitable one and buy it.
    • You will receive an email confirming payment upon purchase. It has the receipt, details and configuration instructions. You’ll also get a download link if you watch an Android.
    • You will continue to login to Spyic account for iOS monitoring. Make sure that you have the iCloud phone details that you want to track.
    • Back to Android, use the e-mail connection to download Spyic on your phone.
    • Until finishing setup, make sure you pick stealth mode. After that, get ready for remote access to your account.

Login to your Spyic account and wait before you see the panel to sync with your mobile.

    • If you are monitoring an iOS device, check iCloud credentials first after logging in.

Then pick the computer to keep monitoring.

    • Spyic’s cloud syncs with iCloud before the dashboard is shown.
    • You will see the features on the left once you reach the control panel. Click on the location option to display the phone’s location.

Use the SIM Card feature at the bottom left after scrolling down to locate the number. Click it to see the information for the SIM card, and it is located below. In the top right, when it’s changed, you can enter your email to receive alerts.

Part 2: Cocospy monitoring of a cell phone location by number

Cocospy is another monitoring application you can use for tracking the SIM card of your mobile phone. Unlike Spyic, it operates in secret mode or stealth mode. Millions of users around the world have already sought to track their complaints.

It can be used on both iOS and Android devices. Cocospy doesn’t need jailbreaking or rooting before use to maintain security and device intact. Unless you monitor an Android, downloading and installation is unavoidable. That only happens once, however.

In iOS, you only have to start with iCloud credentials. By touching the iPhone, everything can be set up online.

Whether it’s for Android or iOS, all monitoring is achieved via a web-based panel with the information collected. It’s completely compatible with all browsers so you don’t have to worry about your remote access phone.

To use the password, build a Cocospy account and then follow the instructions for Spyic setup. You’re going to be good to go!

Part 3: Reverse Phone Lookup Tool

Now, you can choose to get information if you don’t have a way to use a request. Spydialer is one of the web-based services that can help you locate unknown number data.

You only have to visit the website and type your request phone number. Then click on the search button and wait for the results. You can get reports about the owner of your phone number, physical address, social media data, the workplace, any criminal records, etc. It may or may not be right. Spydialer receives public information, which means that it is not responsible for the replenishment of it. If you get the wrong thing, it’s loaded like that.

In addition to the files, you can dial the number to see if it works. The controller will have a missed call with a spy email on the other end. The number shown is dummy, so nothing is revealed about you.

In addition to the count, you can check for other items like physical address, name or email. Spydialer has millions of records to help. The only downside is that it operates only in the US.


With these three ways, monitoring the location of a cell phone with the number is now simpler. Our first two solutions have more features, including GPS tracking. If the data on the phone is off, you can change to the SIM Card function and continue to track.

Other solutions may be used, but we recommend Spyic and Cocospy for some reason. You can use them to monitor the distance between you and the mobile remotely. You can also be used safely before, during and after tracking.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.