3DS Emulator iOS, Android & PC – List of Best 3DS Emulator [New 2019]


If you still love to play Contra, Super Mario, Ice Climber and Top Gun, then you have 3ds Emulator. For you this article is for you, if the game is the top task to complete. Yes, we’ll discuss the same subject in this article. Yeah, we’re going to discuss 3DS emulator download for Android in this post and also PC 3DS emulator. Let’s begin with the Nintendo 3DS emulator introduction.

The Nintendo 3Ds console was launched by Nintendo on June 15, 2010. You can download several games with this console. They launched ancient 90’s ear games that make it special to choose from. It was published in Japan on 26 February 2011, followed by a non-stop Nintendo. Daily it became increasingly popular and kept up to date about performance and improved characteristics on a regular basis. These are all made unique for Nintendo 3ds.

But not all of them can afford so much money, so we have a Nintendo 3ds emulator, which can play Nintendo games on your pc, Android, and iOS. You don’t have to purchase a game console. This 3DS android emulator allows players to play the games fluently, independently of platform, on multiple devices.

The Android 3DS emulator is more feasible because it offers free return to games in your childhood. Another great feature is that you can play your favorite games on your respective platform without an additional emulator.

3DS emulator’s features:

3DS emulators are provided with great features but they are not as good as 3DS consoles. Some of the greatest characteristics include: resolution: Various resolutions allow you to play the game on a full screen that ranges to 720p.

Game Save: You can save the game by using the 3DS emulator and play it.

Anti-aliasing break: There is a feature called aliases, which makes the game really realistic. You’re in for an on-roller-coaster ride if you have a high-config device.

Network: The sound of the game is as great as the console; you have a live experience in a sound setting if you use earphones or headphones.

List of Best 3ds emulator for Android and PC

  1. Citra 3DS Emulator

  2. 3dmoo – 3DS Emulator

  3. Tron DS –  3DS Emulator

  4. DeSmuME – 3DS Emulator for PC

  5. No$GBA

  6. NeonDS

  7. iDeas

  8. Ultimate x3DSx Gold

  9. DraStic DS Emulator

  10. AseDS (NDS.EMU)

  11. NDS4droid

  12. Boy NDS! NDS emulator!

  13. RetroArch

  14. Citra 3DS Emulator

Citra 3DS emulator is one of the Mac OS, Windows and Linux OS emulators. It is the only emulator to work with all those. Emulator Citra 3DS emulator. Therefore, Citra 3ds emulator is a secure emulator, but one problem is stability. The developers, however, frequently try to resolve this problem.


  1. 3dmoo – Best 3DS Emulator

This 3ds GBA emulator has been created by the best 3DS emulator DS team. After Citra, it was introduced, but it stopped after a while. This emulator is Linux and Windows compatible, but users complain of crashes.


  1. Tron DS – Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Tron DS–Nintendo 3DS Emulator has been created and published on 28 May 2014 for the windows users. It can currently run homebrew games, but since it has stopped its development after release, it is not like Citra.


  1. DeSmuME – 3DS Emulator for PC

If we consider the old one emulator for windows pc, then DeSmuME is to be taken into account. It enables users to operate certain business games free of charge.


  1. No$GBA

No$GBA— The best No$GBA 3DS emulator is a pc 3ds emulator freeware. It was free to use, but you must pay the charges if you want to download the updates. It’s Windows XP and Windows Vista compatible.


  1. NeonDS

NeonDS has been developed and works correctly with certain business games on the Windows platform. If you want to, get it from softonic.com free of charge.


  1. iDeas

The best way to get it from your Windows PC, is to play Super Mario 64 DS, Pokemon Diamond, PearL and others. Get this emulator pc at coolrom.com free of charge!


  1. Ultimate x3DSx Gold

Ultimate x3DSx Gold is a quick emulator allowing gamers to play almost any required game and works well with internal wireless controllers.


  1. DraStic DS Emulator

3DS DraStic DS Emulator is the most stable and best emulator on your Android device for the Nintendo PC to play games. You can play the game you want on your computer with this emulator. You don’t have to perform both phones now, because you can only play the game by one device with this emulator.


  1. AseDS (NDS.EMU)

This emulator is new on the market for android, although it supports nearly all games, features customized button design and screen display options to enhance the gaming experience. This emulator offers a fresh one for android.


  1. NDS4droid

This emulator is one of the old and free, and is constantly updated to solve the problems. You can play your favourite games and developers will attempt to enhance it to the maximum.


  1. Boy NDS! NDS emulator!

NDS Emulator is new to the Nintendo family of 3DS Emulators. It has loading functions and safeguards states, fundamental things, custom controls, and so on. Even your high tech phone can have this finest 3ds emulator free of charge.


  1. RetroArch

The one you use is difficult and you can just play certain games if you select it. But in order to use it you don’t have to pay anything.


How can 3DS emulators be downloaded?

For iOS 3DS, Downloade 3DS Emulator for iOS, iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini; steps are here. The following steps are provided.

Method #1:

    • Step 1: Go to and download the 3DS Emulator iOS file.
    • Step 2: Download the 3ds emulator now and install it.
    • Step #3: Once the 3DS emulator download is carried out in General, Profile and Device Management.
    • Step #4: Search the 3DS emulator and click the Trust option.
    • Step 5: Play the games on your iOS devices once it is finished.

Method #2: 3DS Emulatory Android 3ds emulator

The steps to download and install are here if you’re an Andriod user.

    • Step 1: Download the apk 3DS emulator file from the desired website.
    • Step #2: Click the download button and press on the APK file once it’s downloaded.
    • Step #3: Now go to Settings > > Security > > App Management > > Enable Unknown Sources.
    • Step #4: Now you install the application from the bottom right corner.
    • Step #5: Go to 3ds emulator to download your games now.

Method #3: 3DS Emulator For PC

You will need an Android emulator to use the 3DS emulator on your PC. Here the process is shown by the emulator Bluestacks. All Android apps are run free of charge on your PC by this emulator. The Bluestacks are even free of charge.

This is the steps to download a Windows 10 PC 3DS emulator. Just have a look. Have a look.

    • Step 1: Click on the above link and upload Bluestacks to your computer.
    • Step #2: Set the same on your computer next.
    • Step #3: Open your app and log into your Play Store with the same email identification and password.
    • Step #4: Now download and click on your PC to open the 3DS APK emulator file with Bluestacks.
    • Step 5: Install and operate Bluestacks with it.

Download Citra Emulator for Windows:

    • Citra now has only one stable version that operates on and fixes bugs every day.
    • First Open your web browser and use the url https:/citra-emu.org to visit the official website of Citra Emulator.
    • Click the Download menu button.
    • Two versions are available: 1)Nightly Build, 2)Bleeding Edge Build.
    • Choose your preferred option and download the latest version.
    • Click on the icon for Windows.
    • And it will automatically download it.
    • Use the directions to install it.

Download 3DS Emulator for Android:

Android has so many 3DS emulators available, but I suggest downloading nds4droid. Download nds4droid 3DS Emulator for Android in the steps below.

    • Open your Android Device’s Google Playstore.
    • Search for “nds4droid” in the search bar of Google Playstore.
    • From the results, select “nds4droid.”
    • Click the Install button.
    • In a few minutes it will be downloaded.
    • Once downloaded, it will be automatically installed.

Download MAC Citra Emulator:

    • Open your MAC PC or Macbook web browser.
    • Use the url https:/citra-emu.org to visit the Official Website of Citra.
    • Click the Download menu button.
    • Now you can see options for downloading.
    • You can discover Apple Symbol in the Nightly Build.
    • Click on the symbol of the Apple.
    • Citra emulator is downloaded for MAC.
    • Once downloaded, install it.

Download and Install 3DS Emulator on iOS devices:

    • Don’t worry; you need JailBreak to play Nintendo 3DS games on your iOS device. If you follow the following steps, you don’t have to jail the Break of your phone to play Nintendo 3DS games.
    • Open your iOS device’s Safari browser.
    • Open this url and download the file from it (https://appvalley.one).
    • You can also download them if you want to download any other 3DS emulator files.
    • After downloading the failure, click Install and wait for downloading the file.
    • Go to General > Profiles “or” Device Management “once the 3DS emulator is downloaded. Look for the app that says” Guangdong “and twice click Trust.

Finding: It’s all about Android, iOS, and PC’s 3DS emulator. We hope that the post and other data shared here will help you.

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