TOP 5 Freelancing Websites to Make More Money Online In 2020


Who does not like more money? I guess everybody does! Whether you’re a student counting the last of the few spare notes left of his pocket-money or a housewife having plenty of time on hands and would get by with some extra cash or maybe even a working professional who wants to take up a side hustle and complement his primary source of income, some extra dollars in the bank every month is a very welcoming idea for most of us poor folks.

It will be great to earn some side-bucks and get a new pair of shoes that you wanted, or pay for the gym membership or go for a mini vacation that you think you deserve after working so hard. But how does one get started? How do you look for jobs that can pay you some income that can ease your worries about the financial crunch you’re going through? How will someone else know what your strengths are and offer you a job that doesn’t take much time and pays you a decent amount of money?

Here, I’ll list some of the freelancing websites that offer these jobs to people who want to earn something extra. As a web development company we sometimes tend to use some of these websites to hunt for talent and short-stint jobs that are pretty easy to get.

Without further ado, here’s our pick of the top 5 freelancing websites we vouch for:

5 Best Freelancing Websites to Make Money Online In 2020

#1. Fiverr


This remains one of the most sought after freelancing website on the internet. Founded in the year 2010, it has gained massive reputation as one of the best websites for freelancers. Whatever talent that you have – photography, video editing, voice overs etc. – you can easily get started off and see some results. Although there’s a lot of competition now, you can still create your freelance gig and offer your service. Fiverr’s algorithm can quickly put you ahead of others if you have good quality work to show and some decent reviews.

#2. Upwork


Founded in recent years – 2015 to be precise, Upwork has gained a very good reputation for quality freelance work now. Initially started as Elance-oDesk, it changed its branding to Upwork to connect with modern-day freelancers around the world. Upwork used to get throngs of people offering service of questionable quality until they changed their business model wherein freelancers have to pay to get credits which are then used to bid on the job they desire. This helped Upwork transform itself into a quality provider and now is one of the most sought-after freelance platforms.

#3. Peopleperhour

people per hour

This is an incredible platform for business owners to get some freelance talent. Peopleperhour has a formidable reputation, especially when it comes to web development gigs, SEO consultancy services, and allied streams. Its artificial intelligence feature matches your profile to current job openings to see if you’d be a good fit. You can also manually bid on freelance jobs if you’d like. The best thing about Peopleperhour is that you get 15 bids free each month – which means that you can potentially get 15 new jobs! It’s a great place to start and we’ve had good success using this platform for some of our SEO service work.

#4. 99Designs


Are you someone who loves designing and don’t realize how time flies when you sit at your desk with your design tools at work? If you are passionate about all things design, then 99Designs is a great platform for you to look at. It has a fantastic, talented, design-oriented crowd on board and you’d be amazed at the quality of work that they produce. Businesses are searching for logos, branding, artwork and if you are good with literally anything that has to do with design, you bet you’ll find something to work for, on this freelance website. And did I tell you that it pays really well? It does! There are some niches that make money easily,  choosing the right niche will make you earn so quickly.

#5. Constant Content

Constant Content

You guessed it. The world wants new content to see and writing is a huge part of it. If you think that you have a way with words and can get people drooling over your writing, then this platform will provide you with more than just bread-and-butter. You’ll find tons of writing opportunities from varied niches that will get your creative juices flowing. Some of the top writers are on the platform as are some of the top companies – such as eBay, Walgreens, Sears, looking for talent.

BONUS: We had to give one extra freelance website for our readers. This next website is a special one because they don’t hire anybody.

Toptal is an incredible freelance website meant only for seasoned professionals who really know what they are doing and mean serious business. It’s a great fit if you are a working professional and have an area of expertise, as you can find work from some of the best companies in the world. It is not open for everyone and getting selected as a member can get challenging. But once you do, the rewards are gratifying and you’ll soon be making a decent fortune on the side.

So that’s that. I hope you found this article beneficial and it inspired you to pull your socks and get down to some freelancing work. Freelancing can be extremely rewarding for a lot of people and the benefits of working remotely at your desired time is an advantage that not many people get. Make the best use of this article, go sign up, do some good work for the companies and the world at large and see your bank balance soar.

Raju Shahi
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