6 Low-Cost Cybersecurity Methods to Use in 2022

Cybersecurity Methods to Use

Large corporations often acknowledge and implement measures on the security of their company. It becomes a priority because being a target of cybercriminals can bring down a business. That is why many are investing thousands of dollars to ensure the safety of their data and clients’ data.

In 2021, globally, companies will spend a total of $1 trillion on cybersecurity. However, despite how expensive security software is, there are still some ways for cybercriminals to get into a system. Therefore, businesses should not only depend on security software, but they must implement other rules.

Cybersecurity software and IT products are expensive. If you are a startup business or a small business investing thousands of dollars is the last thing on your mind.

But this doesn’t mean you have to forget about security completely. Even though you don’t have enough money to invest in expensive software, there are ways you can secure your business on a budget or for free.

So here are software and methods you can practice this 2020 if you are on a tight budget.



A simple way to secure your information or your business’s data is to change your password often. Changing your password must be part of your security measure.

But how often should one change their password? Is it after 30, 60, or 90 days?

According to LastPass, there are circumstances when you should change your password, and here are those situations:

    • When it has been a year, and you don’t use two-factor authentication
    • When you log in using a public WI-FI or device
    • Someone attempt to access your account
    • Presence of malware
    • Sharing of login credentials to somebody

The practice of changing your password would be a big help to your security.

A good password must contain a minimum of 10 characters, an upper and lower case, number, and a symbol. Here’s an example of a strong password, 1tsrAIn1NGcts&DGS!


Two-factor authentication is a verification process that a user has to take for them to gain access to their account. The user must first input their password, followed by a code sent to them via email or SMS. Sometimes two-factor authentication requests for a fingerprint.

This authentication process can increase the security of an account.


One of the biggest problems with some businesses is the lack of cybersecurity training of their employees. If you want to ensure the safety of your business, you have to educate the people who work for you. You have to inform them about the possibilities of a data breach.

You can set rules for them to follow strictly. Some guidelines you can ask them to implement daily:

    • No sharing of passwords.
    • Avoid responding to unknown emails. If a suspicious email is received, confirm the sender before clicking on any links.
    • Do not access the company’s website when using public WI-FI or devices.
    • Avoid using the company’s WI-FI connection for personal use.
    • Provide your employees with another connection for their own device.


They can offer some protection that you will need. However, it doesn’t provide the maximum security you will experience on a premium antivirus software.

Here’s a list of free or affordable security software you can use.

    • Avast: Blocking of malicious URL, on-demand scanning, and phishing protection.
    • AVG AntiVirus Free: Block suspicious links, scans viruses and malware, and scanning of performance problems in PCs.
    • Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition: Block malicious URL, anti-fraud and anti-phishing options, and detection of fraudulent sites.

If you have existing security software, don’t forget to update it. The constant update request of an app or program may be annoying, but it has a purpose. It requires users to update the system to avoid hackers to enter. Updates fix issues on the previous software.


Even though you are on a tight budget, it is good to follow the trends. These trends can inform businesses what they might expect and what hackers might be intending to do.

If you know what is happening, you can find ways to secure your data and avoid attacks from cybercriminals.


Even though you haven’t been using an account for a long time, it is important to delete it. Hackers can get to these accounts and retrieve the information they can use.

Deactivating or deleting an account is one way to secure your data when you are in a budget.

This 2020, businesses will invest a lot of money on cybersecurity because hackers are going to be more aggressive. They will target more businesses or industries and bring down companies.

The best way to avoid their attacks is to practice safety measures and get to know any updates on cybersecurity.

Here are cybersecurity trends you have to know to keep your business safe.


Artificial Intelligence becomes part of the solution and problem.

AI will become one of our aid in fighting bots or malware entering sites. It will do the work faster and accurately. However, cybercriminals will also use the same technology to attack businesses and institutions. They will create malware AI that can go undetected.

Mobile phone attacks will increase.

The increasing numbers of mobile phone users will tempt cybercriminals to hack more of this device. Since people put less effort into securing their mobile devices, the attacks will increase in this technology.

The most common attack will be phishing.

Increase cloud-based infrastructure, more sophisticated attacks.

There are many cloud-based software and apps, and businesses depend on these tools.  They use them because of their convenience and safety.

Infrastructures on the cloud have a strong security system, but hackers will find a more sophisticated way to enter it.

Ransomware attacks increase.

Despite the advancement in technology and security software, ransomware attacks will increase in number. Cybercriminals will create ways to deploy their malware in ways that they become undetected easily.

Internet of Things become part of the problem.

IoT is both a solution and a problem like AI. It connects devices and making communication easier than ever. However, the more connected we are, the more we become vulnerable.

Cybercriminals can easily access data because of this technology. Therefore, businesses must educate their employees about the use of personal devices.


Cybercriminals will never stop stealing data or bringing down institutions. Therefore, the fight against them is a never-ending battle.

Businesses must always prepare themselves when such an attack occurs, or they should avoid them. There are many ways to secure your data or your business. You can do it with low-cost methods, but the best way is to allocate budget to strengthen the security of your business.

John Ocampos
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