Top WP Security Scanners for Identifying Malware, Vulnerabilities, and Hacks


Is there any simple method to scan your website for checking vulnerabilities, security risks, and hacks? When you think your website might be susceptible to security breaches or threats, then an effective WordPress (WP) security scan is the perfect way to address the problem.

When it comes to malware scanners, these help in protecting your site from the common vulnerabilities or threats. For instance, they can check your website for suspicious URLs, malicious code, WP version, suspicious redirects, and things like that.

According to an article published on, WP updates its platform on a regular basis to counter familiar threats but not feasible to fight every threat. These are limited in their action because they can fail to run tests on your user accounts, WP database, plugins, and WP settings. That is why you need the WP security scanners for enhanced protection.

The cyber hackers can simply mask malicious code and become unidentified by the fundamental security checkups. That is the reason why you need robust WP scanners that help in neutralizing a malicious code to keep your website secure and protected. Here are some of the top WP security scanners for identifying malware and website security threats:

sltWP Security Scanner


It helps you to check your WP site fast for online threats and malware vulnerabilities that could damage your business web pages. Sucuri powers this scanner, lets you quickly check the safety of your web pages and with every systematic guidelines or instruction; and you can reinforce the security of your business website.

IsltWP security scanner checks your site in Google Safe Browsing as well as other malware threats to ensure that your domain is free of any risks or security hazards present online.

Sucuri SiteCheck


It is an online tool from Sucuri, which is also the perfect WP firewall as well as a security service. It comes very handy because the tool performs a meticulous check of your web pages looking for spam injection, malicious code, site destruction, and many more.

Sucuri SiteCheck does a reality check of your website on numerous domain-name blacklist tools such as Google Safe Browsing. Additionally, Sucuri not only scans the link you enter but also the other web pages connected from the URL to provide a detailed, quick scan.

WP Scans


As far as this tool is concerned, it checks your site for familiar susceptibilities and suspicious code. WP Scans helps in managing an index of susceptibilities identified by their system and checks your web pages for such security leaks.

WP Scans also helps in identifying the WP version, robots.txt, and installed plugins. Once the scan is complete, the results are demonstrated in a simple way, in an easy form together with a proper explanation for each of them. It makes understanding things easy.

Google Safe Browsing

Google safebrowsing

When it comes to Google’s Safe Browsing, the tool lets you check if a link is considered dangerous to visit by Google. The search giant keeps an eye on infinite links or URLs and if they believe that a particular website is giving out malware, then they identify it as risky to visit.

Now, it could possibly ruin your site status and repute, as visitors coming from Google search or for that matter Google Chrome browser would be shown a caution page when they attempt to visit your web pages. When you use Google Search Console, then you would be alerted when your site is identified as potentially hazardous with proper guidelines or instructions so that you can remove the warning.


wp scanning

As far as ScanWP is concerned, it is a quite fundamental WP threat scanner. It helps in detecting your WP version to check if you are utilizing the current version or not. It also identifies the WP generator tag and determines whether your business website is displaying it or not.

The generator tag also displays which WP version you are currently using. A couple of security professionals consider that it could let cyber hackers damage a site and therefore, they suggest eliminating the WP generator tag. Therefore, you need to keep your eyes open to see what is happening around to protect your website from security threats. If you want to learn more about WP security scanner and securing your website, look up platforms like or similar ones.

WordPress Security Scan

hacker target

When it comes to WordPress Security Scan, the tool runs a methodical test by trying to identify your WP plugins, WP version, active theme, usernames, and many more. It also tests your web pages on the Google Safe Browsing index to make certain it’s not blacklisted.

The tool also provides a comprehensive report of your website status together with a concise account of every item. These are typically the things, which are familiar with WP security best practices such as employing the current version of WP and making sure your plugins remain updated.



If you are already using Quttera, you know it provides a helpful web vulnerability-scanner tool. It carries on a profound test crawling via your website to look for distrustful files, malicious code, redirects; iframe embeds, as well as external URLs or links.

Quttera also tests for your domain amongst blacklisted domains databases like Google Safe Browsing, PhishTank, Malware Domain List, and many more. The thorough report is simplified into numerous parts and you could click on every item to see the scan position.



When it comes to wprecon, it’s is one more quite fundamental WP vulnerability scanner tool that you can use to keep your website protected and safe. It identifies WP version to check if you require any updates, examines the Google Safe Browsing index, and finally tries to identify the installed WP plugins.

The tool scans for things like directory indexing, external links, JavaScript, iframes, and theme path detection. The outcome is displayed in a neat format with proper elucidation for every scanned component.

WordPress Vulnerability Scanner

wp scan

As far as the WordPress Vulnerability Scanner is concerned, it will check your WP site for the universal website susceptibility indicators. The tool scans for your WP version, installed plug-in as well as themes, and additionally tests for those plugins with identified susceptibilities.

The site also offers numerous other scanning tools for high-end users, who could prove useful in identifying a site with compromised safety. Try using this WP scanner and you’ll be surprised by the results.

Web Inspector

cwatch webinspector

The Web Inspector’s online website security scanner is one more functional tool that you can use to check the health of your WP site. It starts by checking your site in Google Safe Browsing as well as Comodo analysts’ indexes. Once that is done, the tool scans for malware downloads, suspicious code similar to a WordPress backdoor, drive-by malware, worm, iframes, suspicious scripts and files, and Trojan. Use it and you will benefit.

UpGuard Cloud Scanner


If you use UpGuard Cloud Scanner, you know by now that it is an additional web utility to check your WP site for security threats. It starts by checking your domain’s records, open ports, DNS, as well as email settings. As far as domain or server-based hacks are concerned, they can take over your domain name or abuse the same to send malware or spam.

Post that, the tool checks for identified malicious code, suspicious links, phishing attempts, and malware patterns. When it comes to the scan result, it is displayed in an easy to comprehend form.



When it comes to VirusTotal, it is yet one more way to scan a link for malware as well as security susceptibilities very quickly. It tests your website’s link in numerous malware databases and offers a thorough report. VirusTotal also checks for redirects as well as distrustful code in your website header. You can use this tool and you will not regret.

Norton Safe Web

norton safe browser

When it comes to Norton Safe Web, it is one more valuable tool to scan your WP site for security risks or threats. The tools employ Symantec’s superior recognition technologies to check for widespread malware, spam patterns, and phishing.

The outcome will show PC threats, annoyance factors, and identify threats. A neat website would succeed to achieve the perfect zero on all the scans. If your site is unsafe, then it would show the identified threats that could assist you to further probe and solve the issue.

Urlquery URL Scanner

A widespread method employed by cyber hackers and malware is to readdress your site users or visitors to a spam site. Such hackers succeed in redirecting only the non-registered visitors or users, which lets them remain unobserved for a long period. That is why you need an urlquery URL scanner, which tests a link or URL to monitor visitors, sets cookies, and makes users download malware. The data could be utilized further to evaluate your site’s security position or state. If you are already using urlquery URL Scanner, you know how it works and benefits your website.

Final thoughts

Now that you have the names of these WP security scanners, you can pick the one to protect your website from online threats, malware, and other vulnerabilities.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.