Best Vulnerability Scanning Tools to Test Penetration


One of the essential tools in IT departments is a vulnerability scanning tool. Vulnerabilities emerge daily and therefore create a loophole for the company.

The Vulnerability Scan Tools detect the application, the operating systems, hardware and network systems for security loopholes.

Hackers are actively looking for the advantage of these loopholes. In order to release your attackers, vulnerabilities inside the network must be immediately identified and fixed.

Vulnerability scanners are a suitable way to scan the network for potential loopholes with their continuous and automated scanning procedures.

It’s on the Internet or any app that allows IT departments to locate and manually and automatically fix the vulnerability.

Tools for vulnerability scanning have two separate routine methods, authenticated and non-authenticated scanning.

In the latter scenario, a penetration tester can view the scan disguised as a hacker without the reliable access of the company network.

This test helps organizations find vulnerabilities that allow hackers to infiltrate the system without trustworthy permission.

In the former case, the same test client logs and checks the network, revealing the vulnerabilities open to a hacker now posing as a trustworthy consumer.

The best Web vulnerability scanner on the market should allow you to perform both authenticated and not authenticated scans to override network vulnerabilities among other associated online vulnerability scanners.

Best Vulnerability Scanning Tools

OpenVAS Vulnerability Scanner


OpenVAS vulnerability scanner is the vulnerability analysis tool that, due to its comprehensive nature, allows IT departments to scan servers and network devices.

Such scanners can look for an IP address and check for open networks by checking open ports, configuration errors and vulnerabilities in existing installations.

Once the scan has been completed, an automated report is produced and e-mailed to further investigation and correction.

OpenVAS can also be operated from an external server, giving you the perspective of the hacker and identifying and handling the exposed ports or services on time.

If you already have an in-house incident response or detection system, OpenVAS will help you improvise Network Pentest Tools and alerts in general for your network surveillance.

Tripwire IP360


Tripwire IP360 is one of the market’s leading vulnerability management solutions that allow users to identify everything on their network, including cloud, container and on-site assets.

Tripwire allows IT departments to access their resources with fewer scans from an administrator and server.

This operates also in collaboration with vulnerability detection and risk management to ensure a holistic approach to security management for IT managers and safety professionals.

Nessus vulnerability scanner


Nessus Professional from Tenable is a job for security practitioners who take care of patching, software problems, malware removal tools and malfunctions across a variety of operating systems and applications.

Nessus initiates a proactive security system by detecting vulnerabilities in time before hackers can use them to penetrate a network.

Most network devices, including virtual, physical and cloud infrastructure, are supported.

The Gartner Peer Insights Option for vulnerability evaluation by March 2019 also listed Tenable.

Nexpose community


Nexpose community is an open source solution that covers most of your network controls, developed by Rapid7.

For IT administrators, the versatility of this solution can be built into a Metaspoit framework that is able to detect and scan devices when any new device reaches the network.

Monitors the exposures to vulnerability in the real world and, above all, identifies the ability of the threat to develop solutions accordingly.

In addition, the vulnerability scanner also includes a risk rating for risks, ranging from 1 to 1000 anywhere, so that security advocates can patch the right vulnerability before exploiting it. Nexpose now offers a free one-year trial.

Vulnerability Manager Plus


Vulnerability Manager Plus has been developed by ManageEngine as a new solution to this market. This could be the awaited ethical hacking software for organizations, with its recent launch and the aspect it includes.

This offers an attacker-based framework that helps network administrators to track existing hacker vulnerabilities.

Certain highlights of the Vulnerability Manager Plus are automated audits, impact assessments, application risk assessment, security bugs, patching, zero-day vulnerability mitigation scanning and Web Server Penetration testing & hardening. Comes for 25 devices completely free.



Nikto is another online Free Vulnerability Scanner, such as the site Nexpose.

Nikto helps to understand the server functions, to check their versions, to test the threat and presence of malware on web servers and also to scan various protocols such as https, httpd, HTTP and much more.

It also helps to scan multiple server ports in a short time. Nikto’s efficiency and server hardening capabilities are preferred.

If you are not searching for a comprehensive solution to deal with your company’s entire vulnerability management, Nikto should be your option.



Wireshark is regarded as one of the powerful market analyzers for network protocols.

Many government agencies, companies, healthcare companies and other industries are using it to carefully analyze their network. Once Wireshark detects the risk, items need to be investigated offline.

Wireshark runs on Linux, macOS and Windows devices successfully.

We are also highlighted with the standard3-pane packet browser, network data can be browsed with a GUI, powerful display filters, VoIP analysis, protocol deciphering support such as Kerberos, WEP, SSL / TLS and more.



Aircrack-ng will assist IT departments in ensuring WiFi safety.

It’s used in network audits and provides WiFi command, protection and replay attacks as one of the best WiFi hacking apps with drivers and cards.

Carries out the lost keys by collecting data packets. NetBSD, Windows, OS X, Linux and Solaris are supported.

Retina network security scanner


The Retina vulnerability scanner is an open-source web-based software that manages the vulnerability of a central location.

Patching, compliance, installation, and reporting are functions.

It manages servers, workstations, server management and web applications, with full support for VCenter integrations and digital environment scanning applications.

This provides a full cross-platform vulnerability assessment and protection for several platforms.

Please try this vulnerability scanner and tell us what worked best for you. Share your thoughts on them in the comment section if you’ve already tried them.


Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.