7 Safe Tips On How To Use Bath Pillows And Bathtub Cushion

How To Use Bath Pillows And Bathtub Cushion
How To Use Bath Pillows And Bathtub Cushion

A warm bath, especially when combined with stress-relieving essential oils, nourishing soaks, or skin-safe bath bombs, is a particularly calming aspect of any self-care routine. However, there’s one thing that might ruin a long soak: the cold, hard, and painful ledge in your tub pressing into the crook of your neck.

When it comes to using bath pillow and bathtub cushion, people often have different opinions on whether they are truly safe or not. While it’s true that there are risks associated with using bath pillows and bathtub cushions, there are also great benefits that you can reap from using them if you know how to use them properly. Here are seven tips on how to safely use bath pillows and bathtub cushions in order to maximize the safety benefits of your choice while lowering the risk of injury as much as possible.

1) Follow manufacturer instructions

When using bath pillows and bathtub cushions, there are a few things to remember: be careful to follow manufacturer instructions when it comes to weight limits; and don’t ever use them if you have any mobility issues that may prevent you from getting out of the tub. Likewise, never leave a child unattended in a bath—and always remember that kids can drown quickly!

2) Know your options

Bath pillows are portable, cushioned seats that slip into tubs and baths to provide support while you bathe. They come in several different shapes, sizes and styles; simply find one that’s comfortable for you. Bathtub cushions come in a similar range of options. They can be permanent or temporary fixtures, made from inflatable or solid materials, and sized for either baths or showers. In most cases, these accessories can be customized for your body type and bathing habits.

3) Get into the habit

We often take our bath pillows and bathtub cushions for granted until they start sinking or become defective in some way. Understandably, new parents often deal with an exhaustive list of regulations they were not familiar with in their pre-parenthood days. 

Nonetheless, there are some things you can do to keep yourself safe during your bath time. Make sure that all bath pillows and tub cushions have been approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or any other safety testing agency before using them. Never use a pillow that has been recalled by a manufacturer, as these products may be faulty and pose health risks to consumers. It is also important to check if your pillow or cushion has been used previously; if it has ever been submerged in water, it should be replaced immediately because it could contain mold spores.

4) Keep in mind safety first

First, check for loose screws, sharp edges and other potential hazards. If you discover anything that’s damaged or defective, repair it or throw it away. Keep bath cushions where children can’t get to them—on higher shelves in your bathroom cabinets. If you have little ones who like to splash around in their tubs, choose a cushioned support system that offers easy fastening options so you can keep it in place while your child is playing around at bath time.

5) Never sit on a water tub cushion

This may sound obvious, but not everyone knows about water tub cushions. They can be very dangerous. They are a good alternative to traditional bath cushions because they are extremely soft and supportive. However, they should never be used as a seat in or around a bathtub, even if they are covered in non-slip material. The top of water tub cushions is basically just a layer of foam that sits atop a pool of much deeper water.

6) Sit, don’t lie down

Since tub cushions are filled with air, lying down on them can be dangerous. If a person’s weight shifts in an odd way and their body is immersed in water, it’s possible for them to inhale or swallow some of that water through their nose or mouth. While there are no documented deaths resulting from improperly using bath pillows, it’s not hard to imagine how something like that could happen.

7) Shop smart

If you’re in need of bath pillows, don’t waste your money on a cheap product that you won’t be happy with. Shop smart by considering these safety tips listed above. The best way to ensure your bath pillow will be easy and safe to use is to invest in a quality brand made with high-quality materials. Your next bath will become even more enjoyable, thanks to the durable and comfortable bath pillows!

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