Clubhouse Apps to Make the Audio Social Network Better and Solve Its Restrictions

Clubhouse Apps to Make the Audio Social Network Better and Solve Its Restrictions
Clubhouse Apps to Make the Audio Social Network Better and Solve Its Restrictions

Learn how to use Clubhouse to its full capacity while also overcoming its most vexing issues and limitations.

Have you finally received an invitation to join Clubhouse? You haven’t finished yet. With these sites, applications, and techniques, you can amp up your Clubhouse experience.

Clubhouse Apps to Make the Audio Social Network Better

Clubhouse, an audio-only social network with no adverts or algorithms, is the most popular new app on the market. Users can build and join “rooms” to talk about a particular topic, with hosts or professional speakers holding court while others listen in. As Clubhouse grows in popularity, you should learn how to use it and maximise its potential, as well as resolve its most vexing issues and limitations.

1. Clubhouse Guide (Web): The Clubhouse Beginner’s Guide

The Clubhouse Guide provides a list of resources for newcomers to the game. Although Clubhouse Apps strive to be as user-friendly as possible, everyone requires assistance with certain things. If you’ve downloaded Clubhouse but aren’t sure what all the excitement is about, the Clubhouse Guide will explain you how to get the most out of it.

Clubhouse Guide collects the greatest explainers and articles written by others, rather than depending just on Clubhouse’s official documentation. Links to Substack newsletters, Notion and Medium posts, tweets, and other useful information can be found here.

It’s broken down into a step-by-step list of themes, each with sub-categories: join, getting started, clubs, events, audio, news, info, community, and support, according to the guide. It’s also important to grasp Clubs, Clubhouse’s “group” feature for creating your own mini-communities. You’ll also receive a link to a calendar of key Club events.

2. Clubhouse Host Notes (Web): Insightful Pages for Upcoming Clubhouse Events

The software only allows you to enter a small amount of description when you create an event on Clubhouse. Instead, make a compelling landing page with Host Notes that you can fill with important content and distribute on social media. Here are a few of the things that Host Notes allows you to include on an event page:

  1. Link and Sync: Use the app to connect to your upcoming Clubhouse room and sync event details. Any modifications you make in the app to the title or description will appear in Host Notes.
  2. Speakers: Invite the event’s speakers and include information such as their Twitter, Instagram, Cashapp, and Venmo IDs. Attendees will be able to look them up before the event.
  3. If you wish to keep the number of attendees low or require a minimum guarantee, ask users to RSVP for the event and confirm their attendance.
  4. Set an agenda for the event so that everyone knows what you’ll be covering and when you’ll be covering it.
  5. Establish community rules ahead of time rather than going over them during the event to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  6. Resources and Links: Share information related to the presentation, such as URLs, video and image links, and documents, PDFs, PPTs, and spreadsheets, among other things.
  7. Comments: This is a place where anyone may provide their thoughts on the event, as well as ask questions.

3. AskClubhouse (Web): Written Clubhouse Room Questions with Voting

People in your room can ask written questions and vote on them using Ask Clubhouse.

Audio chats are the norm at Clubhouse, while text chats are discouraged. When you’re in a huge space and want your audience to interact, this can be an issue. Ask Clubhouse is a straightforward software that allows everyone in your room to submit written questions.

This is how it goes. Go to Ask Clubhouse and establish a new “board” after you’ve created a room on Clubhouse. Give it a name, a description, and the URL of your room. Ask Clubhouse generates a unique slug for you based on the title, which is put to the end of the URL. Use a short enough slug that you can repeat out loud in your room for participants to use on their computers, or include it in your room’s description. For example, a simple phrase like “ask-MUO” is something you may say to anyone who joins on a frequent basis.

When a user visits the board, they can post questions and watch the responses of others. People can also vote on questions, which causes the most popular ones to come to the top and catch the speaker’s attention.

4. Clubhouse Bio Creator (Web): Make a stunning clubhouse bio right in your browser.

Clubhouse Bio Creator is a simple tool for creating and editing a stunning bio.

Top Clubhouse influencers have a well-formatted bio that combines text and emojis to swiftly convey their message. It’s also simple to read, thanks to the appropriate spacing and breaks. Use Clubhouse Bio Creator if you prefer to generate this on a computer rather than a phone.

The online app includes a simple text editor with an extensive emoji palette that can be copied and pasted. The rest is as easy as typing on your regular keyboard and adding spaces as needed. Copy-paste it into the Clubhouse app once you’re finished.

Clubhouse Bio Creator also provides several bio examples to help you get started, but merely use them as a guideline. After all, the goal is to be original and innovative.

5. Chpic (Web): Make Your Clubhouse Profile Pic More Colorful

Chpic can be used to add a colourful ring to your Clubhouse profile picture.

You’ve probably seen some Clubhouse profiles where the user’s photo is surrounded by a bright ring. Doesn’t it stand out? It also makes them easier to identify in a crowded area. With Chpic, it’s simple to make this for your profile photo.

Upload your photo to the web app and select your preferred ring colour. The size of the ring can be chosen from three thickness levels. After you’ve gotten what you want, save the altered photo and use it as your Clubhouse profile image. It couldn’t be much easier.

6. Clubhouse Rooms (Web): Find the Best Clubhouse Rooms Open to the Public

Rooms of Clubhouse is a list of public rooms that you can join.

To get the most out of Clubhouse, you must enter the rooms. The app displays a few forthcoming rooms that you might be interested in, and you can use the calendar to browse a broader list. However, these are still based on your connections and passions. What about things that happen outside of your bubble?

Rooms of Clubhouse is a public directory that includes all of Clubhouse’s publicly available rooms. The language, room topic, description, start time, and a link to the room are all listed in a nice table. The first three categories can be used to filter the rooms, making it easier to locate something in your language or on a topic of interest. To identify specialist subjects, it’s better to search by description.

Because this is a simple website, you’ll be using Safari or your choice browser to view it. Tap the link to open it in Clubhouse and add it to your calendar if you like what you see.

Alternatives to the Clubhouse

These websites and apps can assist you in making the most of Clubhouse. But it’s still a new social network, and the question is whether it has what it takes to stick around. Twitter Spaces is a new competition to Clubhouse on the horizon, and there are already rumors that Facebook is working on a rival.

Plus, Clubhouse is currently only available on iPhone and operates on an invitation-only basis. Alternatives to Clubhouse are being developed by developers that are open to everybody and function on both Android and PC. Before you put too much money into Clubhouse, you should take a wait-and-see strategy.

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