WhatsApp to launch New features: group invitation, WhatsApp dark mode, fingerprint lock and more

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With over 1,3 billion users, WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular instant message app in the world. WhatsApp tends to introduce regular updates and new features to improve user experience. This also helps the Facebook-owned platform to keep up with new user demands and increase its overall popularity.

Here, we will take a look at all the upcoming WhatsApp features, which will set new user experience benchmarks and make the app more practical for users. WhatsApp was launched as a basic messaging app to keep users connected and is now one of the most popular ways to communicate with others.

In this respect, the following WhatsApp features are also expected to increase the ante. That said, all of the upcoming WhatsApp features listed below are either present on Android beta or iOS beta and are expected to be launched for the masses in the coming months.

The new WhatsApp app includes both Android and iOS versions

WhatsApp group invite options

The WhatsApp Group Invitation feature is on the way, according to a WABetaInfo report, while it can be made available in upcoming updates and other improvements. Once the feature has been rolled out, other users of WhatsApp must take your permission to add you to a WhatsApp group. Although even group admins cannot add anyone without their permission, the WhatsApp feature is expected to roll out soon to iOS beta.

WhatsApp dark mode

This is one of the most anticipated features of WhatsApp, and while the WhatsApp Dark Mode is in beta versions, it is expected to be launched soon with a stable update. The function of dark mode essentially changes the background of the app from white to black to reduce eye stress and save battery life.

Lock your chat with Fingerprint

The new WhatsApp authentication feature that uses FaceID or Touch ID to unlock the WhatsApp app has been made available to iOS users, but for Android users with smartphones that support fingerprint unlocking and face unlocking, the feature has yet to be made available.

Audio message in different way

This WhatsApp feature was found in the beta version and essentially helps users listen to consecutive voice messages without pressing the ‘ Play ‘ on each voice message. This WhatsApp feature should be noted that it only works if you have received consecutive voice messages.

Show in chat

If a user views a shared image in WhatsApp, the Show In Chat option will appear in the list of operations. WhatsApp users can quickly jump to the chat where the image is visible with this option. This feature will also help to find out when the image was first shared.

New way to see WhatsApp Status

According to a report by According to a Mashable, WhatsApp is currently testing a new status feed feature that essentially brings the WhatsApp status of the contact you most interact with. WhatsApp statuses are currently shown on the basis of which contact has recently shared its status.

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