93 million user records from 8 companies, including GfyCat database is on sale in the Dark Web

Data breach

Hacker sells third round of hacked databases on the Dark Web

A hacker named Gnosticplayers has made another set of hacked databases available for sale on a Dark Web marketplace.

This is the third round of hacked databases published by the hacker in the Dream Market on the Dark Web market. He previously published a batch of 16 databases containing 620 million user data and a second batch of eight databases containing 127 million user data.

The hacker today released eight more hacked DBs that contain data for 92.76 million users. GfyCat, the famous GIF hosting and sharing platform, is the biggest name in today’s batch. Each database is sold individually by the hacker on Dream Market. All eight together are worth 2.6249 bitcoin, which is approximately $9,400.

The hacker says he wants to sell more than a billion records of users and then disappear with the money. His current total is approximately 840 million records.

“my two main goals are: American pigs-money-downfall,” he told.

The hacker told that there are new leaks, including one from a cryptocurrency exchange.

The eight companies whose data are being sold today by Gnosticplayers are listed below:

No data breach was previously disclosed by any of the eight companies listed in the Gnosticplayers ad. However, many companies whose data the hacker has put up for sale in the last week have already admitted that they have suffered security breaches, making it very likely that the data he sells today is also legitimate.


Source: ZDNet

Furthermore, each listing was accompanied by the following message:

“George Duke-Cohan is a young and talented boy, instead of giving him a chance, the UK govt sends him to prison for three years. Now, he’s been told by the American government, that he faces 65 years for the offense he was already sentenced to three years in the UK. It means he will be judged twice ??

May this upcoming release of dumps serve as a reminder: When countries claim to respect their citizens, they have duty protect them. I wouldn’t be surprised whether George Duke-Cohan ends his life, the UK gov already destroyed him and doing this is like sentencing him to death. If he is not given a fair justice during the upcoming days, weeks, years, more data will be released….”

George Duke-Cohan is a British citizen who is part of the hacking crew of the Apophis Squad. He was arrested last summer and sentenced last December to three years in jail.

“We can also confirm that all account databases are strongly encrypted and salted, so there would be no plain text passwords in any compromised data,” a spokesman told zdnet today by email.

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