Top 5 Text Editors that Can Replace Microsoft Office

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Microsoft office has grown substantially since its launch on August 1, 1988, by Bill Gates. It offers a variety of office products each catered to different computing needs. However, they are quite prices that is why I will look at five text editors you can use as a Microsoft Office alternative.

Google Docs

Potentially the next most popular alternative to Microsoft Office, Google Docs provides styling and editing tools but mostly because it is completely free. You can see that it is designed to cater to efficient document editing with the templates that provide authors with a head start, and its compatibility with Microsoft Word. Also, you can access your documents anywhere anytime with no need for an internet connection. The same functionality can be seen in Microsoft word but what sets google docs apart is how it enables collaboration. Being built in a drive allows easy sharing of files that is why dissertation writing services recommend it as the better alternative to Microsoft Office.

Apache OpenOffice

This is free software that identifies as an open-source office. It provides the same functions such as word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, and databases, but the code of the software allows the users to change and distribute the software hence the name open source office. One of its selling points is its simplicity therefore if you have been acquainted with other word processing software, you will take to OpenOffice straight away. It makes a solid claim to being one of the best alternatives to Microsoft office because of the free license meaning you can share it with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Libre Office

Another open-source office software developed by The Document Foundation deserves a shout as an excellent Microsoft office alternative. Lack of Interoperability is an odd functionality to have in a word editing program but the more you think of it, you start to understand why some writers would be open to this feature. The lack of interoperability means that Libre Office is not compatible with Microsoft Office or any other program. However, future-proofing will allow you to aces your documents decades later or when you upgrade to a newer version thus making it more appealing to trust its non-compatibility with other free office software. The downside to this is collaboration is limited to only Libre Office owners therefore, you can weigh if that is a function you are willing to forego.

WPS Office

Developed by Kingsoft Office this one of the best free office suites with its main selling point is compatibility with android operating systems that offer simple tools and still maintain the functionality that can be achieved on a phone. Microsoft Office is also available on android but its complexity makes it more suited to Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. This is why WPS Office has been very popular among students due to easy editing and accessing PDF documents. Here are the benefits that a cheap writing service has experienced by using this software.


Being free and available on android devices ensures that many people can access and use it. Therefore, it is easier to edit documents and save them to share them via email, and WhatsApp all in one device.

PDF conversion

The most favorite feature is the ability to convert documents to PDF. The conversion reduces the size of the document and makes it compatible with almost all word editing programs. This feature serves to the effectiveness and collaborative nature of the software.

File Recovery

WPS Data Recovery Master allows its users to recover their encrypted files and documents. Mobile phones are more subjectable to damage more than computers and laptops. Also, the storage in phones can cause the software to malfunction thus one might be skeptical about trusting such a service with their documents. Therefore, the ability to recover one’s file in mobile devices is a good feature.

Microsoft Office Online

If you still regard Microsoft Office as your number one-word editing program but the pricing is putting you off, their online accessibility is an alternative you can consider. The online version is free but this comes with reduced features and less functionality. However, the features available are effective for simple day-to-day document editing. Therefore, if you are a huge Microsoft Office fan this the best program for you among the free alternatives to Microsoft office. Also, the documents are stored online meaning that you can access them from any location and device. This enables fast documentation and efficiency that can work in your favor if you conduct the majority of your office work online. If you are in a rush to write your essay and forward it to your professor or collaborator admission essay writing recommends using Microsoft Office online because it is a massive time saver.


These services provide the essential tools required for professional documentation that is a necessity in today’s world. Microsoft office is the giant of the office arena but the alternatives are just as capable of giving your documents the professional look.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.