Top 5 cool services for writers that can boost your skill

services for writers

As a writer, you are always looking for the tools to boost your creativity, understanding of certain subjects but most importantly, manage your time. Therefore, there are endless services and programs specifically designed to cater to the needs of writers. Here are the services you can utilize to boost your skills as a writer.


Plagiarism is a frowned upon behavior in writing as it is a form of dishonesty. The act involves republishing another writer’s content without acknowledging the original writer or passing it as one’s own. Either way, it is a bad habit, and services such as Grammarly help you to identify instances where you might have committed plagiarism in your essay. Apart from that, it also offers other services such as a tone detector, correction of spelling and grammatical errors. It is a well-rounded service and it can make your writing easier and give you more time to be creative with your content. The full service is paid for, however, there is a free version albeit it only contains a fraction of the features. Whichever version you go for, promises that it will improve your writing experience.

Writer’s Digest

If you are struggling with general writing skills, this service is catered to helping you improve as a writer. The use of this service is general and not only meant for upcoming writers because professional writers are using it as well. It contains online help tools such as examples of interviews, market listings, calls for manuscripts, and how-to articles that can broaden your imagination and guide you into trying new things as a writer. It has a comprehensive resource library that you can access and utilize to improve your writing skills. Here are ways such a resource can help you:

Time management.

The service provides information on various topics that a student or a writer is likely to come across in their work. The articles and magazines, therefore, give the writer the needed information and a different perspective on the topic. Using this, you don’t have to spend all your time searching for accurate information on the internet.

Writing constantly.

With a place to get your information, it makes it easier for writers to write constantly. Practice is an important part of improving at anything and writing is no different therefore beginner and professional writers need to write constantly to improve their writing skills. Having information resources will guide you on how to improve writing skills.


This is an application catered to improve the readability of your work and how to improve writing. It highlights lengthy, complex sentences and common errors in your work to show you how far you are deviating from your work being readable and understood. Red highlights show that your wording and sentence are too dense and the reader will be lost trying to follow. We as writers often go for complexity in our work however we overdo oi sometimes. Although not grammatically incorrect, it can prove to be too complex for normal reading. It also highlights adjectives and phrases that wear a week and allows you to use a ‘bigger’ word. Want to maintain professional yet simple essays like, then try the Hemingway app.


Creativity is a massive requirement for what constitutes a good writer. However, this is not something that is developed overnight and it requires practice and years of exposure to different environments which ten influence your work. Visuwords provides the tools to improve writing skills with their use of diagrams and graphs to associate words and expand on concepts. As a beginner writer, this feature can be very useful in your understanding of synonyms and the ability to explain live scenarios in detail using your words. This app creates relatability between objects and images which is an important skill needed to improve writing skills online.

750 Words

How much you write will determine the amount of time it will take you to master the writing skills. Writing as much as you possibly can, is one if not the best tips to improve writing skills. As far as encouragement goes, this service awards writers’ points every month depending on how much they write. The reward is not monetary or something of value but the idea is to offer some kind of reward to encourage people to write. The set goal is 750 words which equates to around three pages in double-spaced format. This is an adequate length for a writer to practice and consequently improve their writing skills. The service is used by a Resume That Works and their work is evidence of constant writing.


Writing is an art and a form of expression. To be good at expressing yourself, there are certain skills that you require to communicate efficiently what is on your mind. The digital age has provided us with countless resources and services that can aid you in improving your writing skills.

Mark Funk
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