Android are more than the unbelievable features of the operating system.

In this article, I’ll guide you to step by step procedure to hack Facebook account using your Android phone. Just read it carefully, you did not need any technical knowledge. You can hack Gmail if you read it correctly, twitter accounts too.

Before I start, I would like to inform you that there is no universal hacking method for all FB accounts. It depends on the knowledge of the victim.

Google Play Store has many fake Facebook / FB hack name apps. Some of them are paid, but not one app can hack facebook. Recently Google spotted this type of apps and removed/ blocklisted, but still these apps are available to install through other apk downloadable medium.

Do you think the owner of Facebook is stupid? The company spends millions of dollars just for security alone every month.

App Name: Password Fb Hacker Prank

App Link: FB Hacker Prank

App Description:

Password Fb hacker Prank is a prank application for Android mobile phones to simulate hacking Facebook account password, so you’ll bother and surprise your friends and family that you can hack Facebook accounts and get passwords that the app simulates and generates a fake password, time to make them worry and enjoy a lot of fun.

In fact, it is difficult to hack a single account. You need a lot of information about programming and networking to hack someone’s account.

Except that you also have many years of experience in the field. Here we developed a prank application for fun purposes.


Facebook pays at least $500 for finding a Facebook security hole. If all accounts can be hacked using a website / app, why do it free of charge.

Please be aware that Facebook hack is illegal unless you have permission from the account owner and the parties involved. This post should be used as a tool to help the public understand how hackers gaining access to your Facebook passwords (although designed as a safety tool). The CybersGuards team shall not be held responsible if any criminal charges are brought against any person who misuses the information on this website to violate the law.

6 Ways of Hacking Facebook Accounts using Android devices

  1. Making Fake Login Page (Simple Phishing Attack)
  2. Creating Fake Application to fool users
  3. Using Anomor website
  4. Hack through Spy & Keyloggers App
  5. Picking the credentials through Autosave options on browser.
  6. Changing credentials without knowing the current passwords.
How to read others Facebook messages without password?

Here is the step-by-step way to hack Facebook account

1. Making Fake Login Page (Simple Phishing Attack)

This is the old, best and most convenient way to hack your Facebook account and not only your mobile but also for desktop. It’s known as phishing in hacking.

To understand phishing, see this screenshot that looks like a Facebook login page, but is actually fake (the phishing page has a different URL). User must see the urls before they share their credentials into it.

This hacking methods start with downloading Facebook clone template,

  1. Download the following Facebook website from here
  2. This File includes 9 Files such as (data.php, data1.php, index.php, Mobile_Detect.php, desktop.jpg, follow.jpg, login.jpg, desktop_files(folder), users.txt)
  3. Using Free hosting providers to put up the code. There are so many free host providers online, we recommend 000webhost.
  4. People intent to hack you will create a subdomain like so that victim unable to identify it.
  5. Once after completing the signup steps you may see the active status in it.
  6. That’s it; you got a domain and now upload the file you have downloaded in the step 1.
  7. It’s simple as like you create new website or subdomain. Simple upload the downloaded file and extract it.
  8. Open the following URL and makesure you have changed the subdomain url as the url you have created with 000webhosting. The page looks similar to actual Facebook page, when your victim login using this path to login, email and passwords will be saved in user.txt file.
  9. Further you can see the credentials of them in the following path open file manager→public_html→users.txt

How Hackers send you a phishing link?

  1. It’s simple; they send you a message stating that you can now earn money with Facebook with shorten url. Yes, you may also have this kind of experience in last few years.
  2. Always keep this in mind, look at the url before you sign in for any account, not only FB, but also Gmail, instagram, etc., because hackers may also have cloned versions of almost all productive websites to steel your information.

Now learn how to prevent yourself being victim of this type of phishing attacks?

  • Use an updated version of browsers like chrome, Firefox.
  • Note* your familiar browser Opera Mini or UC browser doesn’t have knowledge on blocking such webpages.
  • Try using mobile app instead accessing accounts through Browsers.
  • Last but not least check the url of the website, before you do anything.

Now people know much more about phishing, anyway this post is dedicated to people who have not known how easily the hack is done just because of their lack of security knowledge.

2. Creating Fake Application to fool users

There are number of fake application hosted in Google playstore, Google is very keen on monitoring such app and blocking them from accessing it. But still there are easier ways in which people trick to install the fake app to steal your data.

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Here is how they do it.

  • There are free and paid apk creator apps available online, for security reason we are not mentioning any apk creator here.
  • Just install the apk creator app and use the same url ( to convert as app.
  • Yes, you can’t find the different between the actual app and fake app that’s always tricky. It needs special eye to find out.
  • Further you can see the credentials of them in the following path on same 000webhosting.
  • Open file manager→public_html→users.txt

How hack is performed in this way using Fake app?

Attackers share the shorten link to you either through message or on email saying that Advance business Facebook app or something that you make you attract (Hackers are really experts in knowing the way to attract you)

How to protect yourself being victim of this phishing app:

    • Don’t install app outside playstore.
    • Don’t allow your android devices to install anonymous apps.

1. Using Anomor website is the website that helps hack the FB account [it is not automatically done]. Hacking Facebook from mobile is the easiest way. Either you use Android or iPhone that doesn’t matter, still your account is hackable.

Here are the steps to hack account through Anomor website

  1. Use your browser translator and access to Anomor website and complete the registration
  2. After sign in you will be able to access the dashboard in which you may the “link 1” under the column “Link
  3. Send this “link 1” to the victim, if they signin you be getting their username & password details.
  4. You can see the passwords & username under “My victim” on your anomor account.

4. Hack through Spy & Keyloggers App

These are some applications using the mobile user’s record of each keyword type. You just need to install or install in your victim phone and convince your friends to log in very easy to use.

When you log in, you will save your username and password as a text format. In the play store, both paid and free applications are available.

The paid apps can hide from the launcher, but a launcher that has the functionality to hide apps can be used to hide free apps.

How to perform keylogger hack to get Facebook credential through android device?

  • It starts with the installation of the following app “shadow – kid’s keylogger from play store” which is really smaller in its size, but the job it do is really magical.
  • Open it and click Activate Shadow in the dialog box select the button Proceed and select the keyboard Simple IME.
  • Turn on Simple IME
  • The last step is to open any application where you can type something like the message app. I open the mini – browser opera. Scroll down the notification bar and select the method of input and select English (Us)
  • Now you’re ready to see the victim’s keyword type. Tap the log to view this open shadow.
  • If you install it on the victim’s phone, you can hide it like a nova launcher with the launcher. Another good step is to apply a password. To use password open shadow and AUTHENTICATE
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Some quick tips for hack

Tips: If your victim has a messenger, go to the Settings App and clear data from the messenger. When he/she logs in, his username and password are saved again.

How to secure your account from hack?

  • Never log in to the mobile phone of your friend if necessary, then check the keyword before logging in.
  • There are some apps available to install only trusted apps that can steal your information; there is no scan in the play store so hackers can quickly submit their apps.


  • You can’t ask people to login on your phone
  • It’s not easy to install some app on victim phone.

Advice: While servicing your mobile it is advisable to format the device completely before and after service. Since, they might install some tricky app that does some magical things without your knowledge.

5. Picking the credentials through Autosave options on browser.

There is an autosave option in some browsers that automatically saves passwords and username without user information.

It’s also easy to change a few settings in your browser. These are two browsers that have autosave functionality.

  1. UC Browser &
  2. UC Mini

How to get vicitim passwords using autosave function?

Let’s get started.

  1. Open your UC Browser/Mini and go to settings -> browser settings and change the feature to auto save on form and password settings.
  2. Now your browser is ready to get credentials for you, ask your friend to automatically save your password without your password.
  3. You can see the saved credential just by visiting and login.
  4. Just click on login it will show the auto saved data and upon selecting the username, password will be automatically retrieved in the password field that’s it.

6. Changing credentials without knowing the current passwords.

Assume that your friend logs in to your phone or knows the pattern of your friend in which browser the login account.

You can change the password of your account using this URL without knowing the current password. But don’t exaggerate because for all accounts it won’t work. You can try to the least.

Facebook Account hacked (Visit Now)


  1. You must need already logout account
  2. It won’t work on all account, as FB monitors the activities of the user clearly.

All the above methods will work 100% and also it doesn’t need any technical knowledge. It’s a simple and easy step on hacking called social engineering. Now don’t think you’re dumb. People try combinations of their victim name, place etc., But it’s going to take much longer (Brute force attack take more time to find out credentials).

Note* Please don’t ask us to hack someone account for you!

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