5 Compelling Reasons Your Mobile Device Needs Efficient Security Software

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You may have felt the emphasis on the need of securing your desktop computer with the best antivirus software in the market but you may have also felt the lesser pressure to install any security software on your device.

Mobile devices have become the most powerful tool to this day. As per the study, an average person approximately spends on their mobile about 2 hours and 51 minutes per day. There are already about 3.5 billion mobile device users in the world today and whether for business or personal use, it is growing by the minute.

As the number of mobile device users continues to increase, it has become vulnerable to many threats. Unfortunately, many of us have not been taking serious precautions in keeping our mobile devices from cybercriminals and hackers at bay. Fewer than expected, not all people secure their devices thus making them vulnerable to attacks.

But what are the common attacks on mobile devices? Here are some common threats that you should be aware of.

Common Threats for Mobile Phones


Programs and application installed in your phone that will allow some to monitor and know your internet activities. These are often sold to advertisers to target you with their products and advertising materials.

Data Leakage

Though this is commonly unintentional and often caused by downloaded apps, it happens when data are being collected and sent to other remote servers which are usually mined by advertisers and cybercriminals.


Surprisingly, mobile users are more vulnerable to phishing attacks since users often monitor emails in real-time. Since the mobile screen is smaller compared to desktop monitors, less information is displayed. Users often don’t have time as well if the email came from a legitimate source.

Network Spoofing

These are traps made by hackers to look like Wi-Fi networks. When a user accidentally connects to one of these traps, he will be required to make a login comprised of an email and a password. As some people use the same email and password for almost everything, it makes it easier for hackers to access any of the user’s accounts.

Unsecured Wi-Fi

Free and public Wi-Fi connections are everywhere and people usually connect to it. It can be found in coffee shops, airports, and other public places. However, these free connections are unsecured. People with malicious intent can easily access your information while on these connections.

As people affected by these common threats are growing each day, it is essential to have security software that will protect you, your mobile phone and your data.

To keep you reminded and for you to start protecting your mobile devices, here are five compelling reasons why your mobile device needs efficient security software.

Reasons Why your Mobile Device Need Efficient Security Software

Protect your sensitive information

Mobile devices have become an essential part of almost everyone’s lives. Most people have been connected to their devices throughout the day. While some use it to connect to their family and friends, some users have been dependent on these devices to grow, monitor, and expand their businesses. Oftentimes, your mobile devices contain even more sensitive information than your computers. You may have your contacts, different social media accounts, your passwords, message threads, physical and mailing address and even your banking details stored on your mobile devices.

Having all of this information makes it valuable for cybercriminals to mine in for your information and put you at high risk if you do not take the necessary measure of putting any security software on your devices.

Deletes your data on lost tablets and phones

Over time, you might lose a mobile device that contains a lot of valuable and sensitive information, be it either personal or some business data. Either it was stolen from you or you have unfortunately misplaced where someone could have picked it, if your phone lands on someone who has malicious intentions with all the information your phone contains, you can be at risk.

Efficient security software offers the ability to swipe all the information and locks your phone for you with just a click of a button to avoid getting your data out of hand.

Prevents your phone from being vulnerable

Your phone is not exempted from any malware and virus attack. Since it holds a lot of key information for you that you sometimes need in your daily routine, your phone could not be vulnerable to these attacks.

Having good security software in your mobile device will let you know in advance if you are infected with any kind of malware and virus. It will also prompt the level of the impact of your phone.

Shield you against malvertisers

Malvertisers bombard your browser with a huge number of unwanted ads that are loaded with malware and viruses that can infect your mobile phone. Those ads have malicious codes that will make a loophole in your mobile devices and creating a way for cybercriminals to infiltrate your phone. Some malverts will also lead you to more dangerous sites.

Defend you from threats in third party apps

Downloading applications from third-party stores can pose a big threat to your mobile devices as they can infect malware to your smartphones. Once this malicious software gets hold of your devices, it can create access for cybercriminals and hackers to your personal information and other sensitive data.

While the best way is to completely avoid these third-party apps, there is no guarantee that you won’t be able to get it and accidentally downloaded it from official app stores. Good security software will help you fight against malware-infected applications. It should be able to scan and remove apps with viruses and other threats.

Final Thoughts

Mobile devices have already been intricated in our lives. It has become a necessity and an extension of all the information we withheld. Protecting your mobile devices means protecting yourself as well. If we continue to ignore these imposing threats and continue to be lenient with all the attacks that could possibly happen, we give more and more chances to those with malicious intent to do their jobs.

Do not be an accomplice in your own mobile devices. Get efficient security software that will protect smartphones and tablets. This way, you can go about and be confident that you are well protected and safe.

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