Top Websites to Download Free PDF Textbooks


Top Websites to Download Free PDF Textbooks- Check out this list of the best websites to get free PDF textbooks. To choose the top PDF college textbooks downloader websites, compare their features:

The continuing global pandemic has highlighted how utterly reliant we are on technology to meet all of our requirements. People were compelled to turn to technology for all of their necessities as nation after nation issued countrywide lockdowns owing to an increase of Covid-19 infections.

Everything transpired through a computer screen in front of us, from grocery shopping to jobs to continuing our studies. There are obviously disadvantages to having a high reliance on technology, but there’s no reason we can’t make the most of what we have.

Because online learning was the most affected, a number of e-learning resources arose to the rescue. The best thing about internet learning resources is that they are freely available to everybody.

Download Free PDF Textbooks

These platforms are accessible from anywhere in the world, which greatly expands the scope of learning for many people, particularly those with physical limitations.

Free textbooks for learning can be found on a variety of websites. These PDF books are easily downloadable or available for free online reading. They have content ranging from academic to literary to even children’s stories.

Guidelines for Obtaining Free PDF Textbooks

Downloading a free PDF book or finding the ideal website for your needs becomes a piece of cake when you follow the right steps.

PDF Reader

Because PDF books are densely typed documents, the PDF reader must have a set of features that will improve the reading experience. In comparison to other formats, PDF is a better choice. Editing, navigation, annotation, adding bookmarks, setting reading mode, and easy sharing are all essential features.

With this in mind, Android users should use PDF viewers such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, WPS Office, Google PDF Viewer, Foxit MobilePDF, or Moon+Reader.

Google Playbooks, PDF Max, and similar apps work best on iOS devices. Adobe Reader, Nitro Reader, and other similar programmes are good choices for Windows.


While looking for free PDF books, it is critical to keep one’s requirements in mind.

Some websites have amassed such a large amount of content that inputting the appropriate set of words saves time. For the rest of us, there are a variety of novels to choose from that will pique our curiosity.

For instance, Open Textbook Library primarily provides free textbooks to college students, whereas Free Kids Books primarily provides e-books to children. Similarly, Project Gutenberg has made older literary works available for which the copyright in the United States has lapsed.

Anti-Virus Protection 

To be doubly sure, no matter how reputable or trusted a website is, it is critical to protect your device with good antivirus software. Even if a virus does not enter through the website, it can infect the user device through another medium or a corrupt network.


It’s crucial to consider how the website’s interface works for a specific user. Simpler interfaces make searching easier, and some people prefer a specific type of website design that is easier for them to use.

This is something to bear in mind when looking for an e-book or exploring the internet.

List Of The Top Websites To Download Free PDF Textbooks

Here are listed some impressive websites for Free Textbooks Online:

  1. Open Textbook Library
  2. Libre Texts
  5. Project Gutenberg
  6. Free
  7. Internet Archive Books
  9. Open Library
  10. Freeditorial

Open Textbook Library

The best place to look for free textbook PDFs organised by subject.

By providing open textbooks by licenced authors and publishers, the Open Textbook Library aims to transform higher education and student learning. These can be freely adapted and used. These PDF books are free to download, edit, and distribute.

This website’s textbooks are primarily intended for college students. It contains PDF college textbooks organised by 12 different subjects, such as Business, Computer Science, Humanities, Law, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and so on.

Features: Free Textbooks by Subject, with a focus on college learning, editing, and distribution of free college textbooks.

Libre Texts 

Best for peer-reviewed PDF textbooks in 12 subjects for free.

Libre Texts is a non-profit website dedicated to educational reform. It’s aimed towards college students, with a simple interface that makes creating and customising Open Education Resources a breeze (OER).

There are currently 398 open-access textbooks available on the Internet, benefiting a total of 223 million students. Libre Texts grows as a result of the contributions of its volunteers and active collaborators. For a better learning experience, it also employs interactive visuals.

Features include open access to content and a large library space where new free textbooks can be developed and shared. 

The best option for college students looking for open access textbooks.

Rice University is the home of OpenStax, a non-profit teaching platform. There are free college textbooks available in a wide range of subjects, including humanities, mathematics, physics, social sciences, business, biology, and more.

All free textbooks follow the same scope and sequence requirements, making them easier to use in existing courses. Students have access to a limited number of high school textbooks, but the primary focus is on college education.

All textbooks are available for free and open access. A variety of free college textbooks, as well as high school textbooks, are available online in a variety of formats. 

Best for Engineering, IT, and Business student books.

Bookboon is an online portal that provides access to hundreds of free textbooks produced by professors from the world’s finest universities.

The website allows users to download any book in PDF format for free in areas such as accounting, economics and finance, engineering, marketing and law, natural sciences, strategy and management, and so on.

Short practical books, such as those on career and study advice, personal development, and personal productivity, are also available on the website. Bookboon’s mission is to democratise knowledge, making it simple for anybody to grow through high-quality learning resources.

User-friendly interface; primarily textbooks on information technology, engineering, and business.

Project Gutenberg 

Best for older publications on international literature whose copyright has lapsed in the United States.

Project Gutenberg is a free textbook library available online. It’s a project aimed at archiving cultural works digitally. Its purpose is to promote the creation and dissemination of literary works.

Project Gutenberg’s founder, Michael Hart, invented e-books in 1971, and as a result, Project Gutenberg became the first provider of e-books. The website chronicled the organization’s long journey from concept to reality.

Project Gutenberg was producing thousands of e-books per day by the early 2000s, and the number has only grown since then.

Older literature is available, and the platform is one of the oldest PDF textbook platforms.

It’s ideal for both literary and academic works. is an online site that provides free PDF textbooks. It contains books from a variety of fields, as well as a wide spectrum of literature. A drop-down menu at the top of the website homepage categorises the books available.

The website hosts video talks with professionals in the fields of literature and academics on a regular basis and maintains an active blog. We can get any book in PDF format for free.

Books in a variety of categories are available, as well as an easy-to-use platform, active blog articles, and educational movies on the world of literature. is a website dedicated to free electronic books.

Internet Archive Books

Best for the most comprehensive collection of free textbooks and other materials.

The Internet Archive Books collection of free textbooks is possibly the largest online. There are also a lot of websites (588 billion webpages), 14 million audio recordings, and 6 million videos on it.

Because not everyone in the world has access to a good public library, the Internet Archive believes that books and textbooks should be made available digitally for international access.

Some books are available for free download, while others can only be rented for a limited time.

Features: Largest selection of books, films, and audios available for learning.

Best for a website that is available in 46 different languages around the world. was founded in 2004 with the goal of providing free textbooks on the Internet by building a large library of PDF textbooks.

Many of the free PDF books on this site are derived from the Project Gutenberg website, so there are plenty of classics to peruse. Over 29,000 e-books are accessible for Kindle, Nook, iPad, and other e-readers to read.

It is fully free and available to the general public. Simply click the download button next to the PDF book catalogue, and the file will be saved to the user’s device.

Features: Books are available in a variety of languages, and everyone has free and open access to them. The user can choose from a variety of stunning graphic representations of book covers.

Open Library

For a better search experience in the Internet Archive Books catalogue, this is the best option.

Open Library is a global library of free PDF literature. Its goal is to establish a webpage for every book ever written, and it is known as Open Library because all of its contents are free and open to anyone.

This website is a project of the Internet Archive Books, and it contains connections to books that may be found on the Open Library website. Anyone with an Open Library account can add to the collection of free textbooks.

Open access and library development, as well as a large selection of books to pick from.


Best for downloading free PDF textbooks without having to create an account.

Freeditorial offers free PDF books from all over the world for download. It is both an open library and a publishing firm that brings readers and writers from all over the world together.

Its main goal is to promote literature without putting a price barrier in the way. Apart from supplying free PDF books, Freeditorial also assists in the publication of books by contemporary authors whose rights have been bought by Freeditorial. The webpage is available in both English and Spanish.

Features: Everyone has free and open access to all books; anyone can upload a book, which will then be available to everyone.


Best for books with many editions that are optimised for different screen sizes. PDFBooks World is a free textbook library on the internet. Its goal is to bring legendary authors from the past, who lived before the digital age, into the modern reading room.

However, in order to download free PDF books, you must first sign up for a membership.

Textbooks in PDF format are available for free. To access free textbooks online, you must first register. 

Open online courses are ideal for those who desire to learn digitally. is a free online platform that offers certificate programmes.

Free certificate courses, casual learning, and flexible course deadlines are just a few of the benefits.

Open Culture 

The best media content for cultural and educational purposes.

Open Culture is unquestionably one of the best and largest online e-learning platforms available. The website, which was launched in 2006, contains information and resources on virtually every subject imaginable.

Features include free online textbooks, free courses with completion certificates, language learning resources, and audiobooks.


Best for a variety of search options for quickly locating free college textbooks.

ScholarWorks is a collection of publications by Grand Valley State University (GVSU) faculty members that is maintained by the university. Users can search for PDFs of college textbooks by title, author, citation, keywords, and more.

All PDF textbooks are just for students in college.

Features: A wide selection of free college textbooks with open access for everyone.

PDF Search Engine

The best place to find free textbooks online in a variety of formats.

You can use PDF Search Engine to look for and download free textbooks from the internet. In the search box, the user must just type their requirement or a keyword connected to it.

Its user interface is similar to that of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Edge, and other popular browsers. The website is chock-full of information, including PDF novels for kids of all ages.

Features include a large number of free textbook PDF resources, an easy-to-use interface, and unrestricted access to everybody.

Free Kids Books

The best source for free PDF textbooks for students in grades K-12.

Free Kids Books is a collection of online learning resources for children in grades K-12, including pre-primary, primary, and secondary school.

Free textbooks in a user-friendly PDF format are available for download, as well as resources for students, parents, and teachers.


The online learning platforms can actually develop alongside the reader’s intellect with the correct set of suggestions and knowledge on where to hunt for free PDF books.

Most users are unaware that these e-learning platforms offer a vast range of reading and learning resources. As a result, they frequently fall prey to clickbaits by simply Google the names of PDF books.

These websites are trustworthy and feature the most user-friendly interfaces, with free textbooks that have been meticulously organised so that the user can have a better search experience.

From pre-primary novels on Free Kids Books to scholarly essays on ScholarWorks, they cater to users of all ages and interests.

There are books for casual learners, literati, and ardent learners, with the largest collection of cultural works available at Internet Archive Books and free certificate courses available at

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