Social Network Security of Students

Social Networking security

The Internet is the most significant and luxurious platform our society has. Everything is on the Internet, including a virtual copy of our lives, since we use the web to find information, writing and saving essential data, communicate with others, and build a social life. At this point, we cannot separate ourselves from the Internet. But there are some security issues regarding the use of the Internet that must be taken into account, especially when it comes to students and teenagers. In this article, we approach some of the most critical aspects of social networking security.

Security in the Internet

To have our information and a version of our lives online, available all the time, brings a lot of advantages. But it also has a downside because our information and data is vulnerable to hacks, and people with some skills could steal it or manipulate it. The social media security issues have become more noteworthy in recent years, due to some events of massive theft of data. The problems with internet security have reached schools, and more than one student is dealing with information theft.

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There are risks in using the Internet and being part of social media, but it does not mean that every student should separate himself from the Internet. This is a great tool and there are more benefits than liabilities from its use. So, the solution is to take measures that will help every student assure the safe use of social media and the Internet.

Things students can do to enhance their social media security

As we said before, the solution is not to run away from the Internet. The secret to protecting yourself when using the Internet and social media is to be prudent and take action to keep your information safe. Here are some samples of activities that students and parents can decide to make the best of social media and avoid risks.

  1. Be open and honest about internet hazards. This is a recommendation for parents and teachers: lying to students and children won’t protect them. It is necessary, to be frank about the risks they take when exposing themselves to social media. If the young ones understand what is at wager, then they will be careful.
  2. Don’t give information about yourself. This might seems obvious, but it is necessary to remark its importance in social media security. When talking to people on social media, don’t share personal details like your full name, address, current location, phone number, or your school’s name. You can have relations with people on the Internet, but it is almost impossible to be sure that you are talking to a reliable person, so don’t give information that might guide them to you.
  3. Be careful with purchases. If you are going to purchase something online, make sure to use reliable sites. Don’t give information about credit cards or bank account numbers to strangers or in sites that can be considered shady.
  4. Use privacy policies to your advantage. Read the privacy policies so you can be completely aware of what the sites are going to do with the data you share. Also, in the settings of social media, you can determine the information other users have access to. Make use of these settings so you can control who can access your personal information.
  5. Use strong passwords. If you have a password easy to guess, then people that might try to steal your information won’t have a hard time deciphering it. Birthdate, names of your relatives, and important dates for you are samples of weak passwords. Some apps are designed to create strong passwords and even work as a vault where you can store them safely.

It is possible to avoid social media security issues by taking some precautions. This way, you can give the right use to the fantastic tool that the Internet is and receive only the benefits that social media offers.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.