AirPod Pro Case Not Charging But AirPods Are


Earbud cases can be invaluable tools when it comes to portable wireless listening, yet can often prove to be frustrating when they don’t function as intended.

To solve this issue, there are various strategies you can try, such as switching out cables, cleaning the Lightning port and resetting both case and AirPods.

Check the Power Source

If your AirPods case isn’t charging and you know its cable works properly, a simple and straightforward test to identify whether the issue lies with its power source or cable would be to plug it into another outlet and see if that works instead – if that works then most likely the power source itself has issues and not with its cable!

If your case won’t charge, it may be time to switch out its charger. Electronic stores offer replacement chargers or you could contact Apple Support/visit an Apple Store and request one under warranty.

Being stuck with an AirPod Pro case that won’t charge can be extremely irritating. If this is the case for you, follow these tips in this blog post in order to resolve it and charge up your AirPods again!

Assuring your case’s status light is green is the easiest way to know that the earbuds are charging, with a charging icon appearing when opening/closing it with an iPhone.

Also check to ensure nothing is blocking the charging port on the case of your Pods. Over time, dirt and grime build-up on earbud stems or inside cases, preventing electricity from passing through. To clean this port you can either use a lint-free cloth or blow air into it; alternatively try using a synthetic toothpick (wood ones can break inside cases) to gently remove any dirt or debris blocking its charge.

If your earbuds don’t seem to be charging properly, it could be because there is insufficient power in their case. To recharge it, use an official Apple Lightning to USB cable – third-party cables can damage USB ports on Pods cases and prevent them from charging at all. If that doesn’t work either, resetting them back to factory settings might work instead.

Check the Cable

if your AirPod Pro Case isn’t charging properly but your AirPods are, this could be down to cable problems. Try connecting with different cables until it works or use different power sources (Apple charger or computer USB port) until the issue resolves itself. If it continues, however, hardware damage could be to blame and should be addressed asap.

Resetting your Airpods case may also help resolve many problems, as this will activate wireless charging once again. To do this, open both AirPods case lids simultaneously while holding down their back buttons for 15 seconds each to switch the orange light on both cases to green and restart wireless charging functionality of each.

Check the lightning cable that came with your Airpods case to ensure it is undamaged or has a bent connector, replacing this may help to solve the problem; alternatively try testing different Lightning cables to see if your issue persists.

Note that the charging port on your AirPods case is extremely delicate and should be treated as such. Dirt and dust build-up may easily block its path if your case is constantly carried in pockets or backpacks; to prevent this issue from happening again regularly clean its charging port with alcohol wipes to avoid this problem.

Use a dry toothbrush or non-metal pick to thoroughly clean the lightning port on your AirPods case, or a small amount of rubbing alcohol if desired; be cautious as too much alcohol could potentially harm the internal components of your AirPods case; for more assistance consult an Apple store.

Last but not least, reset the wireless charging feature of your AirPods Pro case. If this doesn’t help, there may be an underlying software issue with it; contact Apple Support (iMessage them on an iPhone, visit them in person for Mac users) for replacement or refund options.

Check the Outlet

If the cord works and charging icon appears, but your Airpod case doesn’t charge, it may be that your outlet is at fault. Plug your Airpod case into another wall outlet to see if that helps; if not, upgrading may be necessary.

If you want to ensure your AirPods case is charging properly, one way is by looking at its status light. When connected and charging or placed on a Qi charger, a lightning shape will appear over its surface indicating charging status. Alternatively, opening its lid while charging can give an idea of the status. Or use Today View (accessed by swiping right on Lock screen) on iPhone to monitor charging status of Battery Widget in Today View widget for easier monitoring of charging status of both cases and cases separately.

Your AirPods case’s Lightning port provides power to charge the earbuds. If this port becomes dirty or the contacts don’t bind properly, they won’t be able to draw power and you may end up with an uncharged case.

Cleaning the Lightning port on your AirPods case can be easily accomplished with a dry toothbrush or cotton swab, but beware not to get the port wet as this could damage it. Additionally, an air compressor can help clear away debris or dust that may have collected in its vicinity if this cable was ever plugged into it in the first place.

Another option would be to switch out your USB cable with another one. Over time, connections between cables and cases can become tenuous, especially with repeated use. Therefore, having backup cables at hand for such situations may help. If a replacement cable cannot establish contact, there could be internal issues within Lightning port which require specialist attention and would likely be covered under your warranty policy – make sure this step hasn’t already been taken by Apple Store specialists first before proceeding further with your repair attempts.

Check the Battery Level

Case batteries may become depleted over time and interfere with its ability to charge AirPods effectively. You can easily assess this on an iOS device by opening and bringing close the case with AirPods inside, placing it close to an iPhone or iPad, and opening its lid. A window will appear displaying both battery levels of both AirPods and case; when either amber or orange status lights light up on it as this indicates charging.

AirPods cases often become blocked by debris or foreign objects, particularly when being carried around in bags or pockets where dust collects. To address this problem, try blowing air into the Lightning port or cleaning it using soft cloth or toothbrush – however make sure not to poke or scratch as this could void its warranty and lead to irreparable damage!

Alternately, try using another cable or adapter to charge the AirPods; this may help determine whether it’s due to cable damage or charger itself. If still unable to charge, try resetting your AirPods case; this may resolve software-related issues preventing charging.

If none of the solutions above work, contact an Apple Genius and get them replaced. AirPods under one year old are eligible for free replacement by the Genius; and those covered under AppleCare+ will get complimentary replacement units if any become subpar units.

Replace the USB adapter or cable you are using to charge your AirPods; this can help determine if an outdated or damaged cable is causing problems with charging them. Alternatively, try switching up USB ports on your computer, as well as power sources; if charging works successfully from each source then that indicates an adapter/USB port issue.

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