Aptoide App Store 20 Million Users Data Leaked on Hacking Forum

Data breach

Today, a hacker has been leaking information from 20 million Aptoide users, a third-party Android app store.

The data published on a popular hacking forum is part of a larger batch of 39 million records that the hacker allegedly obtained following a hack earlier this month.

The information obtained by ZDNet via the data infringement monitoring service Under the Violation contains information on users who registered or used the Aptoide app store between 21 July 2016 and 28 January 2018.

Data that have leaked today can be classified as “personal information identifiable” includes details, such as e-mail address, hashed password, actual name, date of registration, IP address for registration, system details, and birthdate (if provided).

Other information includes technical data like account status, login tokens, developer tokens, super admin, or referral sources. At the time of writing, the leaked data, which is a PostgreSQL export file, can be downloaded.

Image Credit: Zdnet

ZDNet asked Aptoide for clarification and to inform the business of the data that had been leaked, but we did not hear it before the release of this post.

The Portuguese App Store claims to have more than 150 million users worldwide, according to the official Aptoide website.

In October 2018, Aptoide accused Google of secretly de-installing the applications of the app store from user devices without user awareness using its Play Protect protection program. The company reported that in 60 days, it lost over 2.2 million users.

Mark Funk
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