Best Calculator Apps for Windows

Best Calculator Apps for Windows
Best Calculator Apps for Windows

When you need to solve difficult equations, a decent calculator comes in helpful, and our recommendations are the best calculator apps for Windows.

When solving calculations in your brain becomes difficult, a fully featured calculator in Windows can be a lifesaver. Hundreds of apps are available these days that can entirely replace your pocket calculator.

Some apps may just have basic functionality, but those with advanced features that match your scientific calculator will definitely impress you. However, having too many alternatives might be daunting.

To help you choose, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best calculator apps for Windows.

5 Best Calculator Apps for Windows

1. Calculator App for Windows

Before you start exploring for third-party calculator apps, check out the default Windows calculator software that comes with the operating system.

Standard, Scientific, Graphing, and Programmer are the four modes available in the default Windows calculator. What each mode has to give is as follows:

Standard: The Windows calculator app’s default mode performs fundamental mathematical calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, power, division, and more.

Scientific: In this mode, you can take a number’s exponential, modulus, and directly use terminology like pie () and Euler’s number while completing these calculations (e). You can also conduct trigonometric and algebraic calculations in this mode, in addition to all of the basic calculations available in Standard mode.

Graphing: Use this mode to create function graphs. You can enter a mathematical function and it will plot a graph for you in this mode. If you haven’t tried it yet, its graphing skills for plotting complex functions will astound you.

Programmer Mode: This mode allows you to convert values between Hexadecimal, Octal, Binary, and Decimal number systems. You may also execute simple Bitwise operations like AND, OR, Not, and so on.

You may conduct date calculations and unit conversions for as many numbers as you can think, including Currency, Volume, Temperature, Energy, and so on, in addition to these fundamental modes.

Is it possible that the built-in calculator won’t be able to assist you? There are a variety of additional possibilities available to you. Listed below are a handful of them.

2. Calc Pro HD

Calc Pro HD should be your second choice if you want to take advantage of all of the fundamental Windows calculator features while also getting some extra benefits that aren’t available in the built-in app.

Apart from Scientific and Standard computations, Calc Pro HD can perform the following tasks:

  1. Converts numbers between eight distinct bases.
  2. Graphs for eight equations are plotted.
  3. There are around 3000 unit conversions in 19 different categories.
  4. Converts over 150 different international currencies.
  5. 1500 constants have been pre-fed and are ready to use.
  6. With over 10 worksheets, you may perform financial computations.
  7. Eight forms of regression analysis are used in statistical computations.

This calculator not only allows for more versatility in calculations, but it also works with Cortana. That is, you can tell Cortana to do your arithmetic for you without having to think about it. This would be a great substitute for a pocket calculator and a great alternative to Windows’ built-in calculator.

Calc Pro HD’s free edition can only do ordinary and scientific calculations. To use all of the other features, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium plan.

Calc Pro HD is available for download (Free, In-app purchases available)

3. Playing with nature

Naturplay is a free-to-use calculator for Windows that performs real-time formula calculations as you enter. This can be useful for calculating long-form mathematical expressions.

The display makes it appear as if you’re doing the calculations by hand, and it will save you time because you won’t have to push equal every time you want the results. You can also zoom inside the calculation panel and save the result as an image, which you can print or use later.

“Cortana, I want to calculate,” you can say with the Cortana connection. Following your instruction, the app will open, and you will be able to tell Cortana to make computations. As a result, if you want an effective homework assistant, Naturplay is a must-try.

Naturplay is available for download (Free, In-app purchases available)

4. Super Calculator

Super Calculator is the greatest when it comes to interactive presentations. It is the ideal option for solving large expressions since it allows you to edit the expression anywhere without having to retype the entire expression, reducing operation time.

The UI is simple to use, even though it does not have as many functions as the other calculators on the list. The Super Calculator, like Naturplay, is available for free download from the Microsoft Store for Windows, and you may store and print your results.

Super Calculator 8 is available for download (Free)

5. Calculator That Sticks

Sticky Calculator is a calculator and a note-taking app in one. There is no Numpad to enter numbers, unlike other programs. Instead, you can type your expression into the calculator’s keyboard, and it will be solved and shown immediately.

This software stands out from the rest of the list since it allows you to take notes while performing calculations. With the Sticky Calculator, sending preliminary calculations with directions to a friend will be simple. Last but not least, the software may be downloaded for free.

The disadvantage of utilizing this software is that you must correctly enter the formula phrase. To find the square root of an integer, multiply it by sqrt (Number). If you use the same expression as square root, this will not function (number). Other formulas are the same way.

Sticky Calculator can be downloaded here (Free, In-app purchases available)

Obtain a Useful Calculator App for Windows

Hopefully, one of the programs on this list will meet your requirements perfectly. If nothing else appeals to you, visit the Microsoft Store, where you’ll find a plethora of calculator programs. The premium versions are not required; the free ones will suffice.

There are several useful online calculators such as Good Calculators, Desmos Graphing Calculators, Symbolab, WolframAlpha, and others if you don’t want to download the programs and start calculating right away.

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