Best Free SSL Checker Compatibility and Vulnerabilities for Certificates


SSL Checker helps you resolve common SSL problems and vulnerabilities of SSL endpoints. With the SSL certificate control tool, only the domain name or IP address together with the port number must be entered to evaluate website configuration and security.

Such diagnostic tools help you find faults in SSL Suites, Poor Chips and protocols. SSL analyzer tools ensure that your SSL / TLS certificate is correctly installed and does not give users any error.
The SSL market continues to grow, according to the new report, 80% of the Chrome loading website and 70% of the Android loading page are HTTPS.

Best Free SSL Checker

Here’s a list of the Top 10 SSL analyzers to save your time and headaches.

    • SSL Labs
    • SSL Security Test
    • SSL certificate Decoder
    • Certificate Analyzer
    • Digicert SSL Checker
    • AppSec SSL Analyzer
    • GocertsSSL
    • SSLShopper
    • Cheap SSL Checker
    • OpenSSL & SSLyze

SSL Labs

The Qualys powered SSL laboratories enable you to verify your website for certificates and configuration and the SSL installation of your browser. Start qualys freescan download to check vulnerablity

The analysis may be started by entering the domain name or Ip address of the target server, a detailed scan is executed and an analysis report is provided.

This report contains installed certificates, serial numbers, visibility certificates, revocation status, signature algorithm, CAA DNS, certification route, ciphers, protocols and handshake simulation.

SSL Security Test

The security-focused SSL Checker also tracks the claim against PCI DSS specifications, HIPAA guidance and NIST guidelines.

It also tracks possible domain, chain, vulnerabilities such as HEARTTBLEED and POODLE OVER TLS subdomains.

In addition, it examines standard Industry practices such as CAA, TLSv1.3 support, Ciphers, HSTS and other standard practices.

SSL certificate Decoder decoder powered by Namecheap is the best source for all SSL problems.

The is one stop solution for all electronic certificate needs. It includes SSL Checker, SSL Converter, CSR Decoder, DCV Checker, Certificate and Key Checker.

Certificate analyzer

The Trustwave powered Certificate Analyzer, all you need is to enter the domain name and the port number and click my server to test.

It conducts a fundamental configuration test and provides the certificate document installed on the server.

Digicert SSL Checker

Digicert SSL Checker OR Symantec SSL (Acquired) helps you identify the problems with the SSL certificates installed as well as the status, expiration, cipher and common vulnerabilities of the certificate.

If you want to control the installation on port 443 you just have to enter the domain name by yourself, and the port number is the same as

AppSec SSL Analyzer

As other SSL checkers, AppSec is not a Web-based application. You can download and launch the application from your computer.

This searches the domain and/or IP address, measures encryption algorithm vulnerabilities. AppSec Labs SSL Analyzer version 2.0 is the latest version.


GeocertsSSL ,yet another quick SSL installer that tests the common name, DNS and certificate chain.

It also includes CSR decoding tools, Certificate decoder, and certificate key match. You just need to enter the domain name, port number and search click.


With SSLShopper SSL Checker software, you can diagnose SSL security issues and ensure the certificate is installed, checked and trusted correctly.

It also monitors the database sort and the domain IP address and the string. To use the SSL Checker with port, just enter the hostname of the server.

Cheap SSL Checker

The Cheap SSL Checker is a simple SSL Checker that checks the details of SSL installation, such as the common name, issuer, validity, server types, certificate chaining, etc..

OpenSSL & SSLyze

You may also execute the installation check by using the following command

$ openssl s_client -showcerts -connect

SSLyze is the Fast and Complete SSL scanner to find malfunction in SSL configured servers.

sslyze –regular

It is a free command line tool which tests a server’s service for TLS / SSL ciphers, protocols and recent cryptographic defects on any port.

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