Best Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks

Best Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks
Best Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks

Pokemon Go is a one-of-a-kind game that exploded in popularity after its initial release. Every day, fresh users begin their Pokemon adventures.

Although Pokemon Go is a basic concept, there are numerous details that the ordinary player may be unaware of. In this article, we’ll go over some of the most important Pokemon Go tips and strategies to help you get the most out of your experience with the game.

1. Exchange Pokemon for Candy

You’re sure to pick up a lot of Pokemon you don’t need as you progress through Pokemon Go. Rather of letting them take up space, you may give these Pokemon to the professor in exchange for Candies.

Candies are essential and incredibly valuable in Pokemon Go because they are required to energise the Pokemon you intend to utilise.

2. Prior to levelling up your Pokemon, concentrate on gaining XP.

If you have low XP, it may take a lot more Candies to power up your Pokemon, therefore it may be best to wait till you have more XP.

Initially, catching Pokemon (especially better if you can nail them with an Excellent throw), interacting with new Pokestops, and adding friends and sending them gifts are all easy methods to acquire a lot of XP. Adding friends is very beneficial because moving up in friend levels with someone can earn you a lot of XP. When you become Best Friends, you receive a Lucky Egg, which can double your XP when used.

3. Pokestops

Pokestops, which are real landmarks in the area where you live in real life, are another essential aspect in Pokemon Go. You can get rewards by spinning their sign at these stops. After spinning the sign, you can escape and obtain all of your awards without having to play the mini-game that follows.

You can also claim rewards from Pokestops several times by waiting a few minutes between each try.

4. Think about which gyms you’d like to take over.

When you take over a Pokemon Gym in a game, you’ll have to defend it using a Pokemon. You’ll gain Coins every time a player tries to take over the Gym and your Pokemon defeats them.

However, you should be cautious about which Gyms you take over and where they are located. For example, if you try to take over a popular Gym that is frequently taken over, you won’t earn anything in return, especially if you defend it with a strong Pokemon that is easily defeated. A Gym that isn’t frequently visited, on the other hand, is unlikely to award you many Coins, even if you can defend it for longer.

Instead, seek out Gyms with a moderate amount of traffic and defend them with a powerful Pokemon. You’ll be able to keep it for a while even if a large number of individuals try to take it over.

5. Types of Pokemon

Pokemon types play a role in Go, just as they do in the original games. The type pairings, on the other hand, are slightly different. The following is a list of types and what they’re good at:

  1. Water: Fire, Rock, Ground
  2. Fire: Grass, Ice, Bug, Steel
  3. Grass: Rock, Water, Ground
  4. Ghost: Psychic
  5. Steel: Ice, Fairy, Rock
  6. Fighting: Rock, Steel, Ice, Dark, Normal
  7. Bug: Grass, Dark, Psychic
  8. Electric: Flying, Water
  9. Dark: Psychic, Ghost
  10. Fairy: Dark, Fighting, Dragon
  11. Flying: Fighting, Grass, Bug
  12. Ground: Electric, Fire, Poison, Steel, Rock
  13. Ice: Flying, Ground, Grass, Dragon
  14. Poison: Grass, Fairy
  15. Psychic: Fighting, Poison
  16. Rock: Fire, Bug, Ice, Flying
  17. Normal: None
  18. Dragon: Dragon

6. Raids from afar

Pokemon Go revealed Remote Raids when COVID-19 began in 2020, allowing you to join a Raid without physically being in the region. During a Raid, you and other players work together to fight a boss Pokemon. To do so, you’ll usually require a Raid Pass

Remote Raids allow you to obtain rare Pokemon without having to travel to the physical site where the Raids are taking place.

7. Locate Pokemon in Your Area

You can utilize the Pokemon Locator tool to gain an augmented view of your current location and nearby Pokemon. You can then concentrate on catching the Pokemon you want.

8.In-Vehicle Hatching

When hatching eggs, the app just considers the distance travelled, regardless of whether you walked or not. As a result, hatching eggs while driving, taking the bus, riding a bike, or running is much easier.

9. Name Eevee to Help Them Evolve

If you have an Eevee, the Pokemon can evolve into a variety of various forms. In Pokemon Go, the simplest way to develop an Eevee into your desired form is to name it before it evolves. The evolutions and what you need to call your Eevee to get them are listed below:

  • Umbreon: “Tamao”
  • Sylveon: “Kira”
  • Glaceon: “Rea”
  • Espeon: “Sakura”
  • Leafeon: “Linnea”
  • Flareon: “Pyro”
  • Vaporeon: “Rainer”
  • Jolteon: “Sparky”

Pokemon Go can be a lot more enjoyable if you use these tricks. If you have any more tips, please share them in the comments section below.

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