Best Unfollow App For Instagram 2023


Content creators with too many fake followers can have a detrimental impact on their business, so this app helps identify and unfollow inactive ones to maintain an ideal ratio between followers-followed.

Provides both a free version and paid subscription with advanced features. Identify who follows you without following back; provides crucial data regarding those stalking your account without reciprocating by following you back; details who stalk without following back and more!


As an Instagram influencer or business owner, you’ll likely want to know how best to increase engagement and generate revenue on Instagram. AiGrow provides an Instagram growth service that enables users to track, manage, and engage with their audiences on Instagram – ideal for individuals as well as small businesses unable to afford an ad campaign.

AiGrow stands out among growth services by being transparent about the services they offer and using an Instagram bot to manage accounts, offering various packages starting at $77/month which may seem costly in comparison with other growth services.

This company claims to use an advanced AI system that will organically expand your account. They even offer a money-back guarantee, making these services appealing. But be wary; Instagram keeps an eye out for any suspicious activities on your profile that could indicate bot services; should Instagram detect anything unusual, it will flag this service immediately, potentially blocking or restricting you.

AiGrow also provides other features to assist with managing your Instagram account, including searching users by hashtags, locations, account names or messages; sending direct messages directly to followers via their DM manager; discovering who has followed you as well as viewing their profiles; bulk delete posts using AiGrow for posts with large followings or potential post content creation; viewing how many have followed and unfollowed you; tracking how many tagged followers have followed back; finding out who tagged you in posts they’ve liked/commented on; viewing how many have followed you as well as viewing how many have followed you or planned big posts!

Followers – Tracker Insight

Followers – Tracker Insight is an app designed to monitor Instagram followers and unfollowers. This tool lets you easily remove fake followers that don’t belong in order to ensure an authentic and healthy account experience. Furthermore, there are tools built-in that let you identify mutual followers, non-followers you don’t follow and recent unfollowers; all for free with options to unlock additional features available as in-app purchases.

The app is easy to use and has an intuitive user interface. It displays who follows and follows you back as well as your post count and whether someone has blocked you; inactive accounts that haven’t posted since long and provides analytics about which types of posts resonate best with your audience are also identified through this process.

Use this app to block users who follow you back. This feature can help when running giveaways where losing followers would be detrimental. Furthermore, it allows you to see who’s blocking you and ensure they adhere to your rules.

Followers & Unfollowers is an Instagram app designed to help you unfollow more followers more efficiently, available for both iOS and Android devices and offering many useful features. Not only can this tool find new followers by searching hashtags, it can also give an in-depth breakdown of who follows you back as well as accounts that don’t follow back as well as inactive and bot followers; making this an excellent solution for anyone wanting to increase their follower numbers without spending too much time checking their account regularly.

IG Analyzer

Instagram Insights allows you to assess both your profile and posts. The performance data it provides enables you to evaluate and identify trends on Instagram; additionally it gives an overview of impact of posts such as engagement upon reach and impressions – helping improve Instagram presence and engagement, thus expanding brand recognition. Instagram Insights are available to all accounts but especially beneficial for businesses.

IG Analyzer is an app designed to monitor your Instagram account in real-time. With its advanced features, such as seeing who has viewed your profile or who unfollowed you or stopped following you altogether, as well as advanced search features and the capability of removing users who do not find interest in your content from following lists, this application provides real-time analysis of who follows and when. Furthermore, detailed statistics on followers including new follower numbers as well as growth rate are also provided.

This app also offers a free version of its software for small-business owners and individuals, while its premium version provides additional features, including photo/video analysis and ghost followers. Furthermore, you can view your Instagram followers’ profiles, along with interest levels for each post as well as users who have lost interest in you.

Social Status is another useful Instagram tool, providing all recent competitor posts in one easy-to-view dashboard and enabling you to compare social media metrics across competitors and determine what works for them. Plus, its feature-rich platform includes sentiment analysis tools for optimizing Instagram content as well as discovering trending hashtags and tracking user activity!

Followers Assistant

Followers Assistant is an invaluable app that makes finding people who don’t follow back easy, while also notifying you about any accounts that don’t interact with your posts. Both free and premium versions provide basic features, while paid offers additional options. Plus, Followers Assistant allows you to stay organized by tracking all of your followers, managing accounts efficiently, as well as keeping tabs on them all easily – plus it works according to Instagram policies!

This app is available for both iOS and Android users, and features an easy user interface that makes its usage straightforward. You can use it to unfollow users who don’t follow you back, find ghost and inactive accounts, save time by unfollowing multiple people at once, as well as identify followers who spam your posts to improve post quality.

Followers & Following is another effective app for unfollowing Instagram, offering a list of your followers as well as those you’ve recently followed and providing information about any accounts which have blocked or stopped following you as well as whether their likes/comments on posts you posted have been deleted by these followers.

While most Instagram unfollow apps are only compatible with iOS devices, this one also works on most Android smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, you can search users based on keywords or tags, monitor follower activity in real-time and identify spammers before blocking users en masse. In addition, this app also comes with additional features like comment search capabilities as well as unfollow tools.


This app makes it easy to unfollow Instagram users who do not follow you back and track who unfollowed or followed you, while providing visibility into who has unfollowed or followed you as well as who follows or unfollows you back. Plus it’s completely free! Simply download from either App Store or Google Play!

This Android unfollowers app is among the most reliable. It can easily remove inactive accounts that don’t follow back, including ghost followers. Furthermore, it allows you to block users who have blocked you as well as purge accounts that often leave unnecessary comments on your posts.

Its most useful feature is finding users who have stopped following you and enabling you to remove them from your list. Furthermore, it also detects new followers and unfollowers for you, keeping track of all activity at any given moment. Furthermore, it shows a complete list of accounts who follow but don’t follow back so that you can monitor their activities.

This app is an indispensable tool for anyone with a large following on Instagram, enabling you to sort them into batches based on who hasn’t followed you recently and show who doesn’t follow back, plus number of likes deleted and more. Not only can it manage one account at a time; bloggers and other Instagram users can take advantage of multiple account management.

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