How to Show Your Watching Youtube On Discord?

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Discord is an online communication platform that enables members of your community to engage with one another via voice and video chat, making it a popular gaming tool.

Discord is used by millions of communities and each has their own servers that may be public or private. The service is user-friendly with lots of useful features to take advantage of.

1. Install the application

Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that integrates with YouTube, providing billions of people the ability to discover and share original videos created on it. While free to use, streaming HD videos could take up a considerable amount of RAM on some devices; if that is the case for you, try clearing Discord’s cache files temporarily to resolve this issue.

Watch Together is a new feature designed to enable server members to watch YouTube videos together on Discord servers. You can create your first Watch Together session by joining an existing server’s voice channel, clicking ‘Start an Activity” and following up with an authorization pop-up; after doing this you’re free to start watching YouTube videos from within Discord!

Watch Together session creators can utilize a remote control that enables them to pause, select & scrub videos. Any changes they make will sync and apply across all viewers of that video.

2. Connect your YouTube account

Discord is a group chatting service specifically tailored for gamers and friend circles, which allows users to communicate, share videos, pictures and games with one another and play multiplayer games together. Furthermore, Discord features YouTube integration enabling users to display their favourite channels on their profiles.

Integrating YouTube accounts into Discord is straightforward. First, open the app and choose your profile picture. Next, click on the cog wheel to navigate to User Settings where you’ll find “Connections.” Here, simply add your YouTube account.

Once completed, your YouTube account should be connected to Discord. If any issues arise, try rebooting the app and reconnecting your account again; otherwise contact Discord’s support team as they work tirelessly towards finding a solution as soon as possible.

3. Select the channel you want to watch

To start streaming videos on Discord, all it takes is joining any voice channel in any server and clicking the Rocket icon. From here you will be asked to authorize YouTube Watch Together feature so you can start watching videos with friends right away!

YouTube Watch Together is an innovative new way for up to 10 people at once to watch videos at once, using one server’s voice channels or even direct messages as launch points. It’s simple and can easily be shared within seconds from desktop computers or smartphones.

Discord’s entire model revolves around collaborative fun, so it makes perfect sense that they would integrate YouTube as an official partner into their platform. Users will now be able to stream all their favorite YouTube videos through Discord including playlists and lyrics; IFTTT also allows for the connection of SoundCloud, Twitch and YouTube Music accounts with Discord accounts to display titles on user profiles.

4. Start streaming

Discord is an invaluable platform for connecting with friends via voice channels, messaging and video calls. Now there is also an exciting new development: sharing YouTube videos directly through Discord servers!

To begin streaming, log in to Discord and join a voice channel. After joining, select the “Screen” button at the lower-left of your screen – it gives you options such as broadcasting an entire screen capture, specific window capture or just your webcam feed.

After selecting your settings, you can begin streaming YouTube video content to your Discord server. Viewers will see your status in their user profiles; to turn this setting off visit Discord user settings and set Display Current Activity to Off. Keep in mind copyright laws when streaming content to avoid getting banned by YouTube – only stream material you have permission or fair use guidelines approval to stream if possible or it may get you banned!

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