Can Computers Replace Teachers?

Can Computers Replace Teachers

Can Computers Replace Teachers?

The active development of technology has touched all spheres of life, including education. Computers and the Internet are becoming an integral part of the learning process and can replace almost anything – pens, physical books, and so on. But can it replace teachers? This topic is highly popular today since this educational year has been nothing but full of surprises.

There is no single answer to this question since every person perceives it differently. At first glance, you might think that since computers are great with encoded routine tasks, they can become a substitute for human teachers. But still, most of the scientists, teachers, and students answer this question with a big no.

Computers cannot be a complete substitute for teachers since it is just an augmentation to one. Of course, it simplifies the learning process and makes it more enjoyable, but it definitely doesn’t have what it takes to replace the classroom experience and teachers.

Thanks to the Internet and computers, people have the possibility of learning something new or gaining new skills from any place they want and not necessarily in a classroom. But still, those video lessons and online courses have been created by teachers.

Even online learning cannot exist without teachers. Without them, there won’t be any learning material to use. Besides, not everyone has such high knowledge of the computer and the basics of using it, so teachers will also be needed to teach people to use it.

Moreover, don’t forget that a teacher is not just a provider of knowledge. A teacher is a lot of things combined in one – mentor, guide, a person that inspires others to be better. They learn each child’s learning progress so that they can relate to that child. Computers, or any other kind of technology, don’t have feelings and aren’t able to analyze such things.

They are only programmed to answer questions, but not how to handle them. Teachers make sure that there is always order in class, which a machine can’t do. Besides, children require communication and human relationships. A teacher can be both an educational provider and a friend. However, a computer is not human and, in most cases, won’t give you a friendly answer to your personal question.

Those that say that teachers can be substituted with technology forget how difficult this job is. Teachers have even more tasks and micro-jobs to handle than essay writers do. They have to create daily lesson plans for every school day, carry out learning activities, check student assignments and grade them, come up with alternative teaching approaches for the students that need them, as well as manage various student behavior types. And that is not all.

They also have to keep a friendly atmosphere with parents, give students their support and help whenever they need it, coach sports, carry out many administrative duties. And the list can go on and on.

Can Technology Teach Students Human Skills?

Can Technology Teach Students Human Skills

A teacher’s primary goal is to not only to follow the class curriculum but also to be an inspiration for the students and to be always there when someone needs a helping hand. Teachers are considered to be guides and mentors for the students. They need to set the right example and provide the students with life skills.

Computers or any other type of technological device can’t give all of that to the students. Only a human being can teach all of those life skills that are needed for the students. So, the answer to the question above is no.

Can a Seven-Year-Old Know How to Use a Computer at a High Level?

Not only children, but any grown-up may have problems and questions when using a computer. Even in the 21st century, people have trouble understanding the way a computer operates. In such cases, computer teachers are of great help. They are the ones that can clarify any part of the computer usage difficulties that we may be having. If there where no such teachers, then with the advancement of technologies, people would have more and more problems and maybe would even quit using computers at all.

The Bottom Line

It is a fact that technology plays a secondary role in the teaching-learning process. It doesn’t have the capability to replace teachers. Computers only help students to simplify the learning process and teachers to manage their time more properly. So, currently, there is no technology that can replace human interaction, since computers cannot teach students human skills.

Mark Funk
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