Gaming Site Data breach

Cognizant Suffers Maze Ransomware Cyber Attack

IT Services giant Cognizant suffered a cyber attack on Friday night reportedly by Maze Ransomware operators, with over 300,000 employees and over $15 billion...

Researchers have found a Database with Zoom Credentials on Dark Web

Researchers find a set of Zoom video conferencing credentials that include meeting IDs, names, and host keys from only one email and password. A...

Researchers found Vulnerabilities in B&R Automation’s Automation Studio software on ICS Networks

Several bugs found by researchers in the B&R Automation Automation Studio program make attacks through OT networks easier for malicious actors. The seller has...
WordPress hacking campaigns

WordPress Plugins Actively Exploited by Cybercriminals

Using a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress to create a website is both easy and inexpensive. It saves webmasters the hassle of...
HP vulnerability

HP Computer Sold After October 2012 are Vulnerable Due to a Pre-Installed App

A security expert has found multiple flaws in HP Support Assistant, a feature that has been pre-installed on all HP computers sold after October...
Lock all devices

Digital Wallet Application Key Ring Recently Exposed Millions of its Users Information

The famous Key Ring digital wallet application recently revealed information from millions of its users, reports vpnMentor. Key Ring is an app that creates the...

Magecart Skimmer Campaign Compromised 19 Websites To Steal Payment Card Data

A new Magecart skimmer has surfaced online that compromised a least 19 different websites in a recent campaign. While the skimmer was new, it...

New Version of Coronavirus Themed Malware Locks Windows System

Some children build malware to remain busy with the school closed due to Coronavirus pandemic. This is the case with a range, including one...
cloud ibm

Cloud Backup Provider SOS Online Backup has Exposed 135 Million Records Online

Cloud backup provider SOS Online Backup has exposed 135 million records online in the most recent case of a company failing to secure its...

Social Security Website of Italy Hit by Hacker Attack

The Head of the social protection agency said computer hackers invaded Italy's social security website and had it shut down on Wednesday just as...