Clark County Schools Reports Ransomware Attack


The Clark County School District says that during the first week of school, its computer system was infected with a ransomware attack and some personal information about employees may have been exposed.

The district said Tuesday that some computer systems were infected by a virus on Aug. 27 and that access to some files was prohibited.

The district says that current and former employees may have been affected, and officials notify those whose names and numbers in the system have been stored.

It is unclear whether files which contain sensitive information have been accessed or obtained. The district collaborates with law enforcement and forensic investigators to determine the scope of the violation.

Those potentially affected by fraud or suspicious activity were advised to review their financial accounts and credit reports.

Ransomware can target individuals , companies or governments and an attack that holds a computer or computer system hostage by encrypting its files and demanding payment, often via bitcoin, is essential.

U.S. and the U.K. Published Attack on IT Management Company SolarWinds
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