Many Companies are Offering Free Cybersecurity Tools During COVID-19 Outbreak

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Many businesses provide free cybersecurity instruments and tools to assist organizations during the COVID-19 outbreak.

In recent weeks, hundreds of businesses have announced that they are providing free tools and services to pandemic-impacted organizations. Some experts have, however, warned of such deals.

“A word of caution to businesses (especially SMBs): Beware of companies offering generous freebies in these uncertain economic times,” Ryan Naraine, Director of Security Strategy at Intel, warned in a post on LinkedIn. “There’s always the understandable temptation to stretch budgets and pick up some freebies and giveaways.”

We have chosen a range of free tools and services. With most vendors, we have verified that users who register for their bid have nothing to commit to.

ImmuniWeb — The ImmuniWeb Web Security Kit offers businesses moving $500,000 in services online. Qualifying organizations can help define their external perimeter of attack, assess safety and enforcement threats, perform PCI DSS, and GDPR audits for business-critical applications, find vulnerable credentials, and enforce continuous security monitoring. However, ImmuniWeb has eliminated those restrictions on its already-free services to support non-qualified businesses.

Cloudflare- Cloudflare provides Cloudflare for Teams for at least the next six months for free. The solution is designed to help remote employees protect their computers, networks, and internal applications and to support organizations.

Netscout- The Threat Intelligence Portal Netscout offers free access to the Cyber Threat Horizon Threat Intelligence Database, which provides insight into DDoS attacks in real-time for the network and security operators. The service gathers you analyze and prioritizes past and current threats data. Users can use historical data from 2003 for study and review purposes.

Zix-AppRiver— Zix-AppRiver Secure Messaging Service, Zix-AppRiver Microsoft 365 Audit Tool, says companies are free to use its encrypted Healthyemail communication services and its security audit tool. Healthyemail helps users to safely transfer messages and large files, while the Microsoft 365 audit tool checks vulnerabilities. At present, the deal is not limited to a specific time frame.

Cyber Risk Aware – Free Phishing Test Cyber Risk Aware provides a free phishing test that companies, including the latest COVID-19-themed phishing lures, can use to test their employees. The organization also offers a free “Cyber protection outside the workplace” training course.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.