Cybercriminals Launched Attack on Takeaway Food Delivery Service in Germany

Takeaway food

Cyber attackers have found a great chance to launch an attack on Takeaway food distribution networks in Germany in the light of a public safety epidemic that has triggered unparalleled restrictions impacting the restaurant industry.

The steps taken by the government to restrict the dissemination of the COVID-19 virus had a significant effect on daily life. Restaurants work under stringent regulations that limit the number of visitors, but a more substantial gap between the tables and have to remain closed between 6 pm and 6 am.

Within these terms, several Germans request food distribution systems such as ( But cybercriminals also conducted a distributed denial-of-service assault on the website asking for two bitcoins (about $11,000) to avoid the blockade.

The creator and CEO of Takeaway, Jitze Groen, today posted details of the assault on Twitter. He added a screenshot of the attacker’s demand that threatened to strike other client pages.

Lieferando boasts food distribution from more than 15,000 restaurants in Germany, so the effect of the DDoS assault is enormous, not just for consumers, but also for restaurant owners.

When citizens in countries seeking to slow down infections with COVID-19 adopt social distance guidelines, distribution systems are overwhelmed.

While this scenario persists, horrific actions like this are likely to happen, particularly by less skilled attackers. Less seasoned actors that consider a moral conscience and take a break for the duration of a new coronavirus pandemic.

At least two ransomware perpetrators confirmed they would avoid attacking hospitals and medical institutions. Hospitals still have plenty to deal with, so any disruption they face will cost human lives.

The Lieferando website was up and working at the time of release.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.