Cybersecurity Degrees in New Mexico

cybersecurity degrees in new mexico

Cybersecurity Degrees in New Mexico- This article is intended to provide an overview of cybersecurity colleges in New Mexico, as well as cybersecurity employment options in the “Land of Enchantment.”

Cybersecurity Development in New Mexico

New Mexico may be sparsely inhabited, but that doesn’t mean it’s devoid of activity. The state is home to numerous key energy economic drivers, including oil, natural gas, and solar power, which it distributes to the neighbouring state and beyond.

It also has several Air Force bases, which means there are several federal job prospects. The presence of these Air Force facilities emphasises the need for statewide national security, prompting institutions to increase their cybersecurity courses.

Cybersecurity Degrees in New Mexico

New Mexico offers a number of educational options for those interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity. In fact, the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security have designated three schools in New Mexico as Centers of Academic Excellence, designating them as places where government recruiters can discover new employees right out of school. Eastern New Mexico University, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, and the University of New Mexico, among others, will appear in the list below.


Campus-based cybersecurity associate’s degrees in New Mexico

An associate degree is frequently the best place to start when studying cybersecurity. These degrees can give students a solid foundation in computer science and cybersecurity without being overly specialised or specific.

In New Mexico, there are just two colleges that provide associate degrees in the field, and both are on-campus exclusively. Eastern New Mexico University’s Ruidoso campus is one of them, with programmes in applied science and information systems cybersecurity. The other is at the University of New Mexico’s Los Alamos campus, and it’s a general information technology degree with a cybersecurity concentration.


Campus cybersecurity bachelor’s degrees in New Mexico

After associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees are the next step up. All students who enrol in these programmes gain more precise and detailed cybersecurity understanding. Some programmes allow you to focus on one facet of cybersecurity or combine your interest in cybersecurity with another field, such as forensics or criminology. Bachelor’s degrees are typically the first credential required to work in the field of cybersecurity.

New Mexico offers one bachelor’s degree on campus and one bachelor’s degree online. The New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology offers an on-campus bachelor’s degree. Although it is officially an information technology degree, you can choose for a security and assurance track, which covers roughly the same themes as a standard cybersecurity degree but with a greater emphasis on computer science. As a result, it’s a versatile degree.

Online bachelor’s degrees

A bachelor’s degree in information technology with a focus on computer security and forensics is available online from National American University. This combination is ideal for students who desire to pursue a career in law enforcement or criminology while applying their computer science knowledge.


Campus-based cybersecurity master’s degrees in New Mexico

Master’s degrees are ideal for those who want to concentrate even more in the field of cybersecurity or improve their qualifications for higher-paying jobs. Many top-level cybersecurity positions are only open to persons with several years of experience or a master’s degree.

For students interested in studying cybersecurity at this level, the University of New Mexico’s main campus provides both an online and on-campus option. A master of accounting with a specialisation in information assurance is offered on campus. It’s a great fit for anyone interested in banking, finance, or otherwise joining a regular company’s staff as a cybersecurity professional.

Online master’s degrees

The same school also offers an MS in information systems and assurance, which is essentially the same as a cybersecurity degree. This programme is comprehensive and in-depth, and it covers more general computer science issues in information assurance than pure cybersecurity programmes.


Campus-based cybersecurity certificate programmes in New Mexico

Certificates in cybersecurity can be beneficial to both newcomers and those with some expertise. Certificates can be used to learn a new skill in the cybersecurity field or to obtain certification in order to work in a certain job at a firm or agency. Certificate programmes can also be used to acquire a taste of a field and determine whether you want to pursue it further.

Central New Mexico Community College, Eastern New Mexico University, and Western New Mexico University all offer on-campus certificate programmes in New Mexico.

Computer information systems and computer and network security are the subjects of the first two certificates. The final option is a certificate in digital forensics, which is ideal for students interested in pursuing a career in criminal justice.

SchoolCityProgram Website
Eastern New Mexico University-Ruidoso CampusRuidosoAssociate of Applied Science in Information Systems Cybersecurity
University of New Mexico-Los Alamos CampusLos AlamosAssociate of Applied Science in Information Technology – Cybersecurity Emphasis
New Mexico Institute of Mining and TechnologySocorroBachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology – Security and Assurance Track
National American UniversityAlbuquerqueBS Information Technology – Computer Security and Forensics
University of New Mexico-Main CampusAlbuquerqueMaster of Accounting – Information Assurance Concentration
University of New Mexico-Main CampusAlbuquerqueThe Master of Science in Information Systems and Assurance
Central New Mexico Community CollegeAlbuquerqueComputer Information Systems (Certificate of Completion), Cyber Security
Eastern New Mexico University-Ruidoso CampusRuidoso, New MexicoCertificate in Computer & Network Security
Western New Mexico UniversitySilver CityCertificate in Digital Forensics

Cybersecurity Jobs in New Mexico

Outside of its major metropolitan areas, New Mexico is a sparsely populated state, although it does have a few key commercial centres that require high levels of digital security. As a result, according to, New Mexico employs around 6,151 cybersecurity workers, with an additional 2,577 unfilled positions at this time. This puts the supply-to-demand ratio for cybersecurity workers at around 2.4, compared to a national average of 2.0.

In other words, even though the number of open positions appears to be tiny, there is plenty of demand for cybersecurity specialists in relation to the whole population of the state. This just means that there are fewer employment available than in California, but each position will almost certainly be filled swiftly once a good person is found.

As a result, if you’re a competent cybersecurity graduate looking for a job, New Mexico is a terrific place to be. Another factor to consider is New Mexico’s cost of living, which is around 88.4 compared to the national average of 100. In a word, New Mexico is a very reasonable state, and your money will stretch further here than it would in a more costly state.

What can you expect to earn as a cybersecurity professional? Cybersecurity workers in New Mexico earn an average hourly wage of $51.13 and an annual wage of $106,360. In short, if you want to make a lot of money as a cybersecurity employee, New Mexico is an excellent place to work!

New Mexico and Cybersecurity

Overall, New Mexico does not have as many cybersecurity educational opportunities as other states, but there is plenty of possibility for excellent work due to the wide range of accessible occupations and the low number of present employees. New Mexico may be one of the most profitable states in the US in terms of actual compensation value.

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