Easy Ways to Transfer MP4 to iPhone

Easy Ways to Transfer MP4 to iPhone

With the rapid advancement of the iPhone, an increasing number of people want to use it to watch movies at any time of day. When you download or save MP4 files on your computer and wish to play them on your iPhone, you must first transfer MP4 to iPhone for your convenience. I’ll show you four options for resolving this problem.

Part 1: How to Email an MP4 to an iPhone

Using email to transfer MP4 to iPhone is the simplest method. The entire process of saving MP4 to iPhone is quite straightforward. At the very least, you should set up an email account for your convenience. The procedures below will use “gmail” as an example to demonstrate how to save MP4 to your iPhone via email. Let’s have a look at it.

Step 1: Log into your email using your computer’s browser and your email account and password.
Step 2: Hit the “COMPOSE” button to create a new email, then tap the attachment button to attach the MP4 file from your PC, then send the newly produced email to another email account on your iPhone. You can save the freshly created email as a draught as well.
Step 3: On your iPhone, sign in to your email account to receive the newly prepared and sent email with the MP4 file attached, or go to the draught panel to view the newly composed and saved letter draught.
Step 4: Open the MP4 file attachment and choose to store it to your iPhone.

This is the most easy technique for sending MP4 files to an iPhone via email, but it comes with a major drawback: the size of MP4 files may be limited owing to different mail services. And the performance of the Internet connection severely limits the speed of the transfer operation. As a result, I’ll show you three different ways to copy MP4 to iPhone to address the problem.

Part 2: Using iTunes to Download MP4 to iPhone

It’s also a good idea to use iTunes to download MP4 on your iPhone. Apple promotes iTunes as the official iOS data management programme, as we all know. It enables video sync between iPhone and iTunes. You should double-check that iTunes is installed on your computer. The instructions below will show you how to copy MP4 to iPhone using iTunes in detail.

Step 1: Open and run iTunes, then connect your iPhone to your PC using the appropriate USB cord. Tap “File” and then “Add File to Library” on the iTunes screen.
Step 2: After you’ve saved MP4 to iPhone to iTunes, go to the sub-menu bar and tap the iPhone symbol. Open your iPhone, go to “Settings,” and then to the “Movies” tab.
Step 3: On the right menu, pick “Sync Movies” and then select the MP4 films you want to transfer to your iPhone.
Step 4: After you’ve chosen your MP4 files, touch “Apply” in the bottom right corner of the screen to begin the MP4 to iPhone sync process.
Step 5: Hold off until the synchronization is complete. Finally, you may enjoy and freely watch the MP4 on your iPhone.

The procedure is simple and beneficial to you. Give it a shot; you’ll discover it’s a great way to save MP4 to your iPhone.

Part 3: Using iTransfer to Transfer MP4 to iPhone

I recommend that you utilize Leawo iTransfer to help you transfer MP4 to iPhone without any restrictions. This software is very professional and can easily and precisely transfer MP4 to iPhone. It also allows you to transfer files and data between iOS devices, iTunes, and PC, as well as view data and documents on iOS devices from a PC. You won’t be limited in your ability to save MP4 to iPhone if you use Leawo iTransfer. The first step is to download and install this software on your computer. The methods below will show you how to transfer MP4 files to your iPhone without using iTunes.

Step 1: Open Leawo iTransfer and connect your iPhone to your computer.

Connect your iPhone to your PC via a USB connection after opening Leawo iTransfer. On the left interface, you’ll see information about your iPhone.

Step 2: Go to the “Movies” tab.

The contents of the “Movies” tab under the “iPhone>Library” menu on the left side will be presented in the right side of the interface.

Step 3: Transfer the file to your iPhone

When your “Movie” library is empty, Leawo iTransfer will provide you a “Add File” button in the middle of the panel to let you add MP4 to iPhone from your PC. To copy MP4 to iPhone from your PC, click “File,” “Add,” and “Add File/Add Folder” in that order in the upper right corner of the panel.

Step 4: Wait for the transfer to finish.

Leawo iTransfer will begin transferring MP4 files from your computer to your iPhone after you pick them. The process rate will be displayed by the procedure in the pop-up panel. After the transfer is complete, you can use your iPhone to view the MP4 files.

This method may properly address the problem of “how to move MP4 to iPhone” with no restrictions. You may now get this magical tool to assist you transfer MP4 files from your PC to your iPhone.

Part 4: Using iCloud Drive to Save MP4 to iPhone

The three methods listed above might assist you in easily transferring MP4 to iPhone. You may also use iCloud Drive to transfer MP4 files from your PC to your iPhone. This option may be more convenient for you. Make sure you have iCloud Drive downloaded and installed on your iPhone. The methods below will show you how to add MP4 files to your iPhone using iCloud Drive.

Step 1: Log in to iCloud.com on your PC, then log in to iCloud.com on your iPhone using the same Apple ID account.
Step 2: After logging into your account, tap the iCloud icon to access your iCloud Drive space.
Step 3: Once you’ve logged into your iCloud Drive account, tap the Cloud shaped upload button to browse and upload MP4 files from your PC to iCloud Drive.
Step 4: After you’ve submitted MP4 files to iCloud Drive, launch the iCloud Drive app on your iPhone to see all of your uploaded MP4 files.
Step 5: Open the MP4 file by clicking on it, and then go to the menu at the bottom of the screen to find a share icon. After clicking the share icon, you can download the file to your iPhone.

User Question: How do I copy MP4 files to my iPhone?

I saved videos to my iTunes library so that I could organise them on the playlist independently. I synced them back to my iPhone when I was finished, but no videos appeared in the iPhone playlist.

I’ve tried everything I can think of to figure out why iTunes and my iPhone won’t sync videos. My mp4s can be played on iTunes, but the video won’t sync to my iPhone for a variety of reasons.

When the phone was connected, I initially checked the “automatically included” setup boxes on iTunes. I even ticked “manually manage music, and sync just checked songs and videos include movies from playlist” before clicking “sync” when it didn’t work. Before “sync,” I manually clicked boxes next to the video, but it still didn’t function. I can see the created playlist on my iPhone, but the videos themselves aren’t there, despite the fact that they’re clearly visible in the iTunes playlist.

Any help with troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated. My iTunes and iPhone have no trouble transferring MP3 files, but MP4 files are a different storey.

Itunes will not let me transfer.mp4 files to my iPhone.

I have a lot of.mp4 files, and I need to be able to access them at all times and from wherever. The problem is that iTunes refuses to upload files, claiming that the iPhone isn’t ready to play them as a reason. I know the iPhone is capable of playing them because I uploaded one through Filezilla(wifi) and played it with xbmc, but FileZilla’s transfer rate is incredibly slow, and it may not be feasible for my files that are over 32GB in size. So, is there any way for me to compel iTunes to upload these files?

Is it possible to transfer MP4 movies from a USB drive to an iPad?

I’m going on a trip and want to put a few movies on my USB flash drive and bring it with me so I can view them on my iPad during the journey. Is there any benefit to transferring.mp4 movies from a USB drive to an iPad? I noticed similar things on Amazon but wasn’t sure if they could handle this for me.

How can I transfer an mp4 video from my Mac to my iPhone and save it to an app (AVPlayer) instead of Photos?

I’d like to be able to transfer mp4 videos from my laptop to my iPhone or iPad. However, the video is instantly accessed within Photos the moment I do so. Instead of prompting me with a list of appropriate apps, the software asks if I want to open it in VLC, AVPlayerHD, or even Readdle’s Documents! Since the video playback controls within Photos are typically difficult, this is a common occurrence. The app isn’t quite as good as it could be. Airdrop appeals to me since it is face-to-face and does not require HTTP transfers through a browser interface. Here are some frequent questions.

  • How can I transfer videos from my iPhone to my iPad?
  • How will I be able to obtain the videos? (mostly mp4 format)
  • How can I get my photos off my iPhone and onto my iPad? they
  • ‘Copy the videos to your computer,’ he added.
  • Transfer the files to your iPad. On the other hand, that didn’t work.
  • All!!! I tried several times, but I couldn’t get it to work on my iPhone.
  • There were no videos on the television when it was connected in.
  • Computer! Is anyone willing to assist?
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