Everything That You Need to Know About Amazon Web Services Cloud


Amazon web services, otherwise known as AWS, is Amazon’s suite of cloud tools that have been created for businesses and professionals. Amazon web services are the most popular cloud computing solution used worldwide. Whether you are looking to begin using Amazon Web Services, currently using the cloud computing service or simply just interested in the topic, this guide is here to help.

What is Amazon Web Services?

Amazon web services provide businesses with the opportunity to access a range of different cloud computing tools. The most obvious benefit of all cloud computing services is their accessibility. Businesses no longer have to pay for the purchase, installation or upkeep of hardware technologies. Instead, these services can be accessed through the cloud, by any authorized person, from any location.

Amazon Web Services is the biggest cloud computing service used in the world, not only in terms of users but in the variety of solutions it offers. Some of the services that are offered by AWS cloud computing include:


Amazon Simple Storage Service or, as it is more commonly known, S3 is a scalable storage solution. This service means users can create, organize and store data in something that is called an S3 bucket. There are two levels of storage available, Amazon Glacier and Amazon Elastic Block Store.

    • Amazon Glacier is a low-cost cloud storage option that is designed for businesses to save money storing data that they do not frequently access.
    • Amazon Elastic Block Store (EC2) is a storage option created for users to store their frequently accessed data.

Database Management

Amazon Web Services offers a range of specific cloud computing database management tools. There are several specific tools included in AWS database management, such as data migration. This tool is created to help users to manage the migration of their data onto the cloud service.

Cloud Configuration and Management Tools

AWS Config has been designed to help users understand how to use cloud computing tools and how to configure their data to the cloud. AWS Trusted Advisor is a specific service that focuses on helping users to ensure that they are always using the most appropriate cloud computing tool for their needs. The AWS Trusted Advisor will help you to make the best decision on everything from cost-effectiveness to data protection.


Amazon Web Services has created AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to help its users manage the security of their cloud computing solution. AWS Identity and Access Management give users the ability to create and manage their own policies for all of their cloud computing solutions.

Amazon Messaging

Amazon Web Services also offer a range of different messaging services to its cloud computing users: Amazon SQS which enables users to send, receive and store instant messages, or one or more recipients; Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) supports a range of different emails such as promotional, transactional and internal emails; and Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) is a push notification service that you can use to send messages to one or more recipients.

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