Recorded Future Buys Company Started by Former Employee in $52 Million Deal


As part of a strategic drive to grow into the financial services and payment processing industries, threat intelligence data broker Recorded Future has acquired analytics startup Gemini Advisory.

The cash and stock transaction is worth $52 million, and it comes less than a year after Reported Future was purchased for $780 million.

The Gemini Advisory deal is supposed to include tools and resources to sell the “most robust intelligence network” with “the visibility to operate at the pace of the adversary to minimise cyber risk and fraud,” according to Reported Future.

Gemini Advisory will act as a separate business entity within Reported Future following the acquisition.

Gemini Advisory was founded by Andrei Barysevi, a former FBI consultant who left Recorded Future three years ago to start his own firm.

“With unique offerings in both payment card intelligence and merchant fraud intelligence, Gemini Advisory has quickly become a pioneer in the fraud space,” said Documented Future CEO Christopher Ahlberg.

“Joining forces with Gemini Advisory extends the value we provide for customers through corporate security and fraud as we continue to execute on our plan to deliver a scalable intelligence platform,” he said.

Insight Partners, a private equity company, purchased Reported Future in a cash transaction revealed in May 2019 for $780 million.

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