Five Top Safe web gateway suppliers

Secure Web Gateway

Safe web gateway solutions play a significant role in defending networks from threats and cyber-attacks. Such solutions prevent attacks which are caused by Internet traffic threats and malware and by apparently harmless websites. All data from websites, web apps, and other online services are monitored, and secure web portal solutions block malicious data obtained from these sources. This is achieved by components such as URL filtering, malware detection, etc.

We compile now a list of the most secure web portal vendors and discuss some of their remarkable features …


Symantec Secure Web Gateway Software that can be used or deployed on-site as a cloud service provides proxy-based protection for all types of web, mobile, and cloud applications. Its remarkable features include malware sandboxing, web isolation, file inspection, data leak preventing, integrated web threat intelligence and cloud applications risk. The on-site Advanced Secure Gateway by combining the company’s ProxySG content inspection system and its Content Analysis technology works to create protection with minimal effect on end-user experience. The cloud version has excellent scanning and quarantine capabilities for antiviruses.


McAfee Web Gateway incorporating safety products of the business such as McAfee Advanced Threat Protection and McAfee Endpoint Safety provides high-performance on-site Web protection, thereby protecting networks from threats and attacks. McAfee Web Gateway is available both as dedicated hardware and a virtual machine for VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V and provides layered network protection. It scans outgoing data on all web protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, etc.) and prevents sensitive data from leaving the network using McAfee Data Loss Prevent. The main features include reputational and class-based filtering, the sharing of threats, effective zero-day detection of malware, etc.


Cisco Web Security Appliance (WSA), both as hardware and as virtual devices, ensures network protection by automatically blocking risky websites and testing unknown websites before users can link to them. The solution provides automated network-wide monitoring and analysis of malicious content and web content filtering using behavioural analysis and dynamic reputational technology from Cisco. The features include device visibility and control, fast detection of zero-day attacks, versatile deployment options (in addition to hardware and virtual-machine models they can also be running on a branch router at no extra charge), etc.

Check Point Software

The Secure Web Gateway of Check Point protects networks by blocking links to malicious websites. This is done with a cloud-based solution that updates its URL filtering catalog in real-time for the web gateway solution. The solution provides highly efficient security with an optional anti-bot integration plus a highly effective IPS Check Point (Intrusion Prevention System). The solution also helps block risky applications or other application functionality using the expanded software library of Check Point.


The iboss Secure Cloud Gateway is a node solution that isolates all customer data and provides on-demand scalability. The key components include behavioural analysis, content filtering on all ports and protocols, real-time identification of malware, SSL decryption capabilities, etc. This is supported through a single interface and as a cloud service. It offers customers different facilities, such as upgrade control and the freedom to decide where to store their data.

Mark Funk
Mark Funk is an experienced information security specialist who works with enterprises to mature and improve their enterprise security programs. Previously, he worked as a security news reporter.